Selfies and modern dating

Selfies and modern dating

The whole online dating thing keeps evolving at a rapid pace so it’s important to keep up if you want to succeed. We’ve addressed things like what to write and which types of dating sites to use depending on hat you’re looking for, but today we’re addressing the exploding selfie trend.

You have to be living in a bubble if this is new to you, as selfies have become a part of everyday life, not just dating life. But they’re now a huge part of dating life as well, and women in particular are using selfies as we pointed out here, and the web in flooded with sexy selfies from attractive women.

There are all kinds of factors to consider when you’re completing your your online dating profile, and the rules are different for men and women, particularly when it comes to selfies. Guys focus on hotness, so women have a lot of latitude when taking selfies. Just look good and little else matters. Women use them in their profiles and many then toss out more when you start texting them. The type of selfie will also clue you in on what they’re looking for. As they ratchet up the sexiness of the photo you can be more confident that they’re attracted to you and it could be game on!

Guys, however, need to be a little more strategic. Blatantly sexual selfies will turn off many women, which is why you see so many women say they don’t want to see shirtless pics on your profile. Guys who do this are limiting the type of woman who will respond, though the women who do respond will probably be game for whatever you’re looking for. So keep that in mind and class things up a bit. If you happen to take a good photo of yourself in the bathroom mirror, try to crop out all the junk.

Also, be mindful of the surroundings. Guys could care less if a woman takes a hot selfie in a messy bathroom, whereas many women will be turned off by this. You’ll be much more successful with a selfie on a hiking trip or some other place where you’re doing something cool and fun.

Many women who send you selfies will ask for some in return, so be prepared to take some and you’ll see it can be pretty difficult. Do some research and practice! Have a few good ones ready can help even if you don’t add them to your profile. You can break them out when the right woman asks for one.

So put some thought into your selfie strategy, and happy hunting!