Luxury Scarves from Tommy Bahama

Chunky Infinity Scarf by Tommy Bahama

The weather is colder, and you definitely want to look good while keeping warm. Accessories like scarves can dress up an outfit while also serving a purpose. It’s amazing how much warmer you’ll feel if you cover your neck in a comfortable scarf.

We checked out The Chunky Infinity Scarf pictured above which is one of the many luxury scarves available from Tommy Bahama. It’s a green and blue two-toned chunky knitted scarf made of 50% wool and 50% acrylic that’s very comfortable and can be used with most of your wardrobe. It’s called an infinity scarf as it’s a large, closed loop of fabric as opposed to a classic scarf that’s a long strip of fabric. With the holidays around the corner these scarves can be great gifts as well.