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Does Your Inner-Child Crave New Toys?

2 Ferrari LaFerrari

Inside every man is an inner-child – sometimes the little tyke is buried deep, deep down inside. You may have outgrown the whining, crying for mama, and peeing your pants, but it’s doubtful you’ve outgrown the allure of toys.

Even the seemingly mature among us have passions that harken back to a childhood obsession with toys.

Do you drool when you pass by a car dealership, with a new Ferrari or Camaro, on display? Then, perhaps you collected matchbox cars, or RC Racers, as a kid.

Do you ache for the newest video game console, or were you first in line for the latest iPhone? Then, chances are high you were an original Nintendo owner, or had a Sega Dreamcast, or a system relative to your childhood age.

Are you a weapons collector or hunter? Then, it’s likely you collected action figures and Nerf guns.

As adults, our toys are more sophisticated and technological, but they’re toys nonetheless. We’re attracted to bright, shiny things, and it’s those things that cause our inner-child to jump for joy! And, why not? There’s nothing wrong with engaging a part of yourself that’s fun. Tapping into your youthful side is natural, and good. Inner-child expert and author of “Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: The Inner Child,” Dr. Stephen A. Diamond, writes that adults have been taught to grow up, and ignore the awe and wonder of the inner-child, when in reality a healthy lifestyle requires that you embrace the child inside!

In the spirit of this, the following are some fun items that every man should own (in order to satisfy his healthy love of toys).

RC Hybrid Car-Helicopter

RC has got a lot cooler since its first radio control airplane was released in 1998. Today, they have incredible innovations, including a bumblebee striped hybrid car-helicopter. This aerial innovation is so cool it can handle almost any terrain, including rocky roads. Just switch to helicopter mode if something is blocking your path.


A go-kart is a small four-wheeled vehicle that comes in all shapes and forms, from motorless models to high-powered racing machines. Most of them are single seaters, but recreational models can sometimes accommodate a passengers. Some go-karts, such as Superkarts, can beat racing cars on “long circuits!” Imagine, taking down an actual car from the driver’s seat of a small go-kart, while in a race around a long-circuit track. About now, your inner-child is likely screaming, “Let’s do it!” and “Yes!” If cost is an issue, you can easily find racing go karts for sale online.

Autonomous Mower

Not only is the Autonomous Mower made by John Deere, it’s also going to give you back your free time. (What country kid didn’t own a John Deere tractor toy?) An autonomous mower (or, autonomous anything, really) will tickle your fancy because it’s fun, and something to tinker with. Plus, it’s going to eliminate the need to push a mower over the weekend, essentially rewarding your inner-child with freedom!

Body Gaming System

Microsoft’s Kinect and Playstation’s Move are motion-controlled gaming accessories, which hook into your console. They allow you to play games, exercise, and control the system without a controller. Well, the Move has a Wand, but mostly it’s your body’s motion that controls these innovative new devices.

Satisfying Your Inner-Child

To satisfy the kid inside’s craving for new toys, ensure you’re buying the toys you want. Don’t settle for what’s trending, and instead tap into what the inner-child actually wants. This is the easiest way to ensure happiness all-around.

This Page Is Under Construction - Coming Soon!

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