5 Things All Guys Should Know About Engagement Rings


When popping the question, there’s nothing that gives guys more anxiety than choosing the ring. Is it big enough? Did I spend too much money? Is it the right size? Is she going to like it?

A million questions run through your mind when purchasing something that’s supposed to be forever, so let’s take some of the guesswork out of the engagement equation and fill you in on just what’s important – and what isn’t – when purchasing an engagement ring.

What should I spend?

The common rule of thumb is that you should spend two months salary on a wedding ring. This is a bogus and dated idea. Spend what you’re comfortable with. The “two months salary” idea was nothing more than a marketing gimmick and it’s not something you have to adhere to. For some, they’ll spend well over a years salary; for others, a modest ring is all it takes to show your special someone that you care.

The 4 C’s

The four c’s are your best friend when buying a gemstone. Cut, carat weight, color and clarity are the measuring tools when deciding the value of a stone. When shopping for your ring, the jeweler should be able to tell you about all four, as well as why one ring might be priced higher – or of better quality – than another. Use your best judgement, and find the gemstone that fits your budget – and your quality standards.

What size stone is appropriate?

The size of the stone is completely based on what you’re comfortable spending. Some might tell you that the clarity is far more important than the size of the diamond, but you’d be surprised that 68-percent of all women surveyed reported that the size of the diamond is just as important as the clarity. Some experts recommend that instead of the four c’s, you should focus your attention on the two s’s… shine and shimmer.

Does it have to be a diamond?

After the movie “Blood Diamond,” approximately 34 percent of all diamond sales have been certified as conflict-free. For others, that’s just not good enough, and they refuse to buy diamonds at all. Either way, you definitely have the option of purchasing other gemstones as opposed to going with the traditional diamond wedding ring. That said, conflict diamonds are becoming a rarity in the world’s gem market so as long as buy from a reputable dealer, you shouldn’t have an issue finding a conflict free diamond.

What about shopping online?

Shopping online is a great way to save or to lose money, depending on where you’re shopping. Reputable dealers often have wholesale-esque prices online for engagement rings, but others are selling inferior quality products for huge discounts. Taking a look at engagement rings at local companies like LeoHamel.com can help make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

No matter what retailer you choose to purchase through – or use for research – ensure that you are thorough in your investigations to ensure that they’re a reputable dealer. Check the BBB website, as well as Google reviews to look for any red flags.

When purchasing an engagement ring, remember that it’s supposed to be forever. Do your due diligence beforehand to ensure that you get the best ring – at a great price – and save yourself the hassle and embarrassment of a sub-par ring. Any time spent researching is only going to prove beneficial to both the price you pay and the quality of your ring, so don’t skimp on this when making your purchase. For the best results, go talk to a reputable dealer in your area and allow them to better educate you on your purchase. Good luck!