The Best of the 2013 Max Borges Holiday Tech Showing from NYC


Recently, the Max Borges Agency threw a tech showcase party in Manhattan to display some of the best upcoming products their clients have to offer for the upcoming year. Fortunately, thanks to a very generous invitation by the hosts, I was lucky enough to attend.

While the view of scenic lower Manhattan would usually be the star of the space, instead all eyes were on a variety of gadgets, gizmos and gear that ran anywhere from under $50 to over a $1000, and included everything from unicorn slippers and tactical BBQ vests, to the newest models of headphones and speakers, all the way up too… well, things that can’t be discussed quite yet.


Fortunately, there was plenty on display that can be talked about, some of which stood out even amongst the gadget smorgasbord available. So while it would be mind boggling to try to give a rundown of every item, here are five of the best gadgets I saw at the show.

USB Touch Lamp


Most people look at an empty liquor bottle and see a series of bad decisions. However, the people at Satechi looked at that bottle and saw this devic,e which allows you to turn any bottle, vase or physically compatible glass item into a lamp. Setup is easy, as you simply affix the lamp shade to any compatible bottle and plug in the USB cable to activate the touch-controlled light.

While ideal as a desk lamp, with the right setup, this is a perfect item for college students looking for a cool dorm room decoration, bars making use of those pesky empties, or even for a man cave that could use some creative lighting. Recyclable, affordable and pretty damn cool, this is a great gift for anyone.

Price: $29.99

Portable USB Humidifier


Another inspired USB-powered product from Satechi, this USB humidifier takes all of the advantages of a traditional humidifier (fresher air, helping to heal the sick) and removes all of the burdens (the bulkiness, the price) by turning any water bottle into a humidifier.

It’s again as simple as plug and play, as you just make sure the stem is touching water, plug in the USB connection, and you’ve got a portable and potent humidifier that will last up to eight hours on its own, and can even double as a mister during the summer. This is a great idea that is particularly useful as the weather heats up and people start dealing with summer colds, but is creative enough to be welcome year ’round.

Price: $29.99

Memoto Camera


While one of the most exciting features of Google Glass is its ability to take quick photos anywhere you are, it’s a feature tainted somewhat by privacy concerns, price and the look of the device itself.

Fortunately, the Memoto Camera provides an affordable alternative to hands-free photo taking ability that also eliminates some of the privacy concerns of Glass, thanks to a more noticeable design. Billed as a lifelogging device, the Memoto is automatically set to take a photo every 30 seconds (and holds up to 4,000 at a time), or can be tapped for a quick manual shot, meaning you’ll always be able to capture the moment, without having to experience it while looking through a camera.

Price: $279.00

Wrensound V5


The trouble in looking for a pair of speakers is finding that right set that manages to be stylish, affordable and versatile, without having to choose one attribute and sacrifice others.

Stylishly unobtrusive and featuring room-filling crystal clear sound quality, the Wren V5 might actually play the all-in-one role quite nicely. Its trump card, though, would have to be its extensive WiFi abilities, as the V5 has models that are wirelessly compatible with iDevices over Airplay, Android devices over Play-Fi, and, coming soon, a Bluetooth model so you can steam music directly from any of your devices.

Price: $399.00

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Charger


Everyone uses a charger for one item or another, which means that in some capacity we are all tied to electrical outlets or batteries no matter where we are, or wherever we want to go.

The Sherpa 50 from Goal Zero offers an alternative to that electrical tether, as it is capable of storing a charge from either an electrical source or the sun itself thanks to some included solar panels. Reaching full capacity in 5 hours through the sun (or 3 hours electrically), the Sherpa is capable of significantly extending the life of any USB compatible device in any setting. We may all be more dependent on our devices than ever, but thanks to the Sherpa 50, the world can be your charger.

Price: $199.99