Why You Should Buy a Blu-ray Player


Although Blu-rays have been around for a few years now, not everyone understands the benefits that a Blu-ray player can offer the viewer. Yes, Blu-ray discs may be a little more expensive than DVDs, but there are some great benefits to watching your favourite movie releases on Blu-ray. Check out these top 5 reasons why you should invest in a Blu-ray player to enjoy the latest Blu ray releases.

Best Picture Quality

Blu-ray gives you up to five times the picture quality of a standard DVD. All you need is your new Blu-ray player, your latest Blu-ray release, a good quality HDMI cable, and your 1080p image TV and you’re all set. You get to enjoy amazing, crystal clear pictures that bring your favourite movie to life in your own living room.

Blu-ray discs also provide better picture quality than HD television. You can get high-definition viewing through satellite, and many of the stations are now broadcasting in high-definition. But this won’t match up to the picture quality of a Blu-ray player. This is because HD streamed over the internet or sent through cable or satellite needs to be significantly compressed, resulting in a less-than-perfect image.

Superior Sound Quality

When it comes to Blu-ray players, it’s not all about the improved picture quality. Blu-ray also offers superior sound quality. Surround sound quality and capabilities are significantly better than sound from your standard DVD player. With a Blu-ray player you have access to high-resolution audio formats like Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD, not to mention the 7.1 surround-sound channels available to you for a true surround-sound cinematic experience in your own home.

Huge Number of Titles Available on Blu-ray

When Blu-ray players hit the market back in 2006, there were only a limited number of titles available on Blu-ray. Granted, it did take a little while for titles to be released onto Blu-ray, but today there are thousands of movies readily available. From new releases to movie classics like “The Godfather,” you can now find almost any title you want on Blu-ray. Movie studios have come to realise the demand for titles to be released onto Blu-ray immediately, and there are more and more titles being released onto Blu-ray every day.

Great Value for Money

These days Blu-ray players don’t actually cost much more than standard DVD players. Take a quick look at some of the top-branded Blu-ray players and you’ll quickly work out that, with all they have to offer over standard players, they really do offer great value for the money. While you’re at it, take a look at Blu-ray disc prices as well. It used to be that these cost significantly more than standard DVDs. However, with a greater market demand for Blu-rays, the difference you’ll pay for a superior Blu-ray title is relatively insignificant.

Many Blu-ray discs are being released with an extra standard DVD included for free. This means you can use the standard version on your computer, laptop, second TV or portable DVD player, and keep the awesome Blu-ray disc for you to enjoy in cinematic quality.

Newer Blu-ray players also offer the ability to stream online content. This opens up a whole new world of interactive viewing, including BD Live, video streaming, and even updating the player’s hardware.

Blu-ray discs have more capacity than standard discs. This means you have access to more content. Extra scenes, commentaries, cast interviews, image libraries, and even games are all on offer when you buy a Blu-ray disc instead of a standard DVD.

You Can Still Play Your Old DVDs

One of the greatest benefits of a Blu-ray player is that it is backwards-compatible. In simple terms, this means you can still play your standard DVDs on a new Blu-ray player. You may also like to know that a Blu-ray player actually improves the picture and sound quality of your standard DVD movies. Put a standard DVD into your new Blu-ray player and you are likely to hear surround sound like you’ve never heard it before. That is thanks to Blu-ray’s Dolby Digital Plus format for high-definition audio. However, standard DVDs won’t ever match the superiority of a Blu-ray disc.

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About the Author: Having worked in the electronics and audio industry for several years, James Tonks is a regular contributing writer who enjoys sharing his knowledge of superior audio and visual quality.