The Great Fit of RibbedTee Undershirts

We tested out some new undershirts from RibbedTee and were very impressed. The shirts are super-soft and are cut differently from tradition undershirts. They’re more snug and form-fitting, and they’re cut longer so that they won’t slip out when tucked into your pants. We found this to be much more comfortable. Also, if you’ve been working on your physique and want to show it off, your girlfriend will love how you look in a RibbedTee undershirt, and you can wear it in certain settings without a shirt pulled over and you’ll look great!

But for most situations, you’ll be using this product as a an undershirt so most guys will be more than satisfied regardless of their current fitness situation. We tested both the ribbed version and the traditional version. The streamlined fit also leaves no bunching around the waistline or arms. The shirts are also designed to keep their shape after repeated washing with the collars laying flat in place without sagging.

With Father’s Day around the corner, the RibbedTee undershirts make a great gift as well.


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