Sons of Anarchy 4.12 – Burnt and Purged Away

There was a lot more build-up to the season finale this week as the Irish Kings arrived in Charming to talk with SAMCRO about expanding their business relationship. The Irish aren’t exactly sold on the idea of selling RPGs and other heavy artillery to a drug cartel, but Clay persuades them to at least sit down with Romeo and hear what he has to say. And now that a time and place for the meeting has been set, Juice has contacted Lincoln to fulfill his end of the deal, meaning that whoever shows up to the powwow representing the Sons is screwed. But while all of this is likely to play a big part in the final two episodes, tonight’s show was mainly about one thing: the fate of Clay.

After Gemma learns that Opie has found out the truth about Piney’s death, she begins to worry that he’s going to kill Clay, and even scolds Unser for telling him. If Unser looked a little confused, it’s because Gemma doesn’t seem to know what she wants anymore, and the poor guy was left scratching his head just like I was while watching it. It wasn’t that long ago that she went to Unser demanding that Clay needed to die at the hands of a Son, so why the sudden change of heart? You’ve got me, but whatever the reason, she’s obviously decided that she no longer wants Clay dead, and even makes the effort to warn him that Opie is coming for him with a vengeance.

But before we jump to that juicy showdown, it’s worth discussing the events that occurred right before it. Is it just me or is Clay having second thoughts about killing Tara? The previews for this week’s episode hinted at Clay finishing the job himself, but after talking with Romeo about the botched hit, he didn’t seem too convinced that she needs to die anymore, even after Romeo offers to handle it personally. Instead, his visit to Tara’s hospital room was actually quite diplomatic, even if it was a bit of a threat in disguise. He claims that he’s willing to help Jax and Tara get out of town in exchange for John Teller’s letters, and I actually believe him. All he cares about now is saving his own neck, and if Tara is no longer a threat, then it’s actually in his best interest to get her and Jax out of his way so that he can continue his reign over the club.

Of course, Clay wasn’t expecting a wild card like Opie to interfere. Though I’m a little surprised that Opie could even think that Jax knew about Piney’s murder, he refuses to rely on the club to decide Clay’s punishment and heads to the clubhouse to dole out some good old fashioned justice on his own. Jax’s threat to kill Opie if he shot Clay seemed pretty stupid at the time, but thinking back on it now, I guess you can argue that Jax didn’t actually know for sure that Clay was responsible. Nevertheless, Opie just smiled at the comment and shot Clay twice, although from the look of it, he only hit him in the shoulder, which means that Clay is probably still alive.

Meanwhile, it looks like Otto won’t be reneging on his agreement with Lincoln after all. He’s signed the papers confirming his testimony and, after making Bobby read a list of all the crap he’s done for SAMCRO while in prison, hands him over to the Feds, who throw him into lockup with Juice. You’d think that Otto would have at least want to talk to Bobby before ratting the club out, but since the meet happened after the fact, it wouldn’t have even mattered if Bobby told him the truth about Georgie. Surely Bobby is screwed whether Lincoln takes down the Irish or not, so does he become the new Otto?

Other thoughts from the episode:

* Ryan Hurst has always been one of the best things about “Sons of Anarchy,” and his performances these past few weeks have been nothing short of phenomenal. It isn’t easy to stand out in a show filled with so many great actors, and yet he manages to do exactly that almost every time he’s on screen. It would be criminal if Hurst wasn’t recognized at some point before the end of the show’s run.

* Although it happened prior to the climactic showdown, Jax’s admission that he no longer thinks Opie is ready to lead the club brings up an interesting debate. Granted, I don’t believe for one second that Jax is actually leaving Charming, but it’s interesting to at least imagine how differently the club would operate under the command of Bobby and Chibs, who Jax suggests take over as President and VP when Clay steps down.

* I get that Kurt Sutter likes to have some fun with the show – it is his show, after all – but that offhand comment by Jacob Hale about Charming’s mayor was a little too cute for my taste. Mayor Quimby? Really guys?


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8 responses to “Sons of Anarchy 4.12 – Burnt and Purged Away”

  • pat says:

    clay isnt dead, he will be rushed to the hospital and saved im sure. And as for next week, its going to be a war and alot of crap hitting the fan.

  • showsucks says:

    This show is over thee top dumb now…………They should all die in a nuclear war as far as I care. Stupid writing since episode 4

  • Anonymous says:

    Another great episode, I love these guys, all of them. Opie beautifully wounded, WOW what a great actor. Jax, as good as it gets, too. Together they could run their world. Relationships crumbling, sad. Opie doesn’t trust Jax anymore. Tig doesn’t trust Clay anymore. Otto doesn’t trust Bobby or The Club anymore. Unser is just plain confused (LOL) and Gemma is a Bitch, she gave Clay the kiss of death, Godfather style (Did you see his face, scared?). You gotta love this woman. Tara will turn into Gemma, she and Jax are not getting out. Wendy better look out, she is no match for Tara. Tara has been taught by the best. You have to remember Gemma and Tara have murdered together – quite a bond. She’s still a little naive but that will change shortly. Wendy is sure talking smack for someone that’s supposed to know about the club. She’s not new to this. Like she doesn’t know that her life could now be in danger, if not, she’s crazy stupid. Great writing, great acting, edge of your seat suspense, The SOA, best show ever on TV.

  • SThompson says:

    The look Jax had on his face, he really thought Opie wouldn’t pull the trigger. He was surprised Opie called his bluff, because as far as I can tell, that’s all it was, a bluff. He certainly doesn’t want to kill Opie, he just wanted him to stand down.

    They better have something good planned for next year. I could see this being the high note the show goes out on, but if they are coming back, it better be just as good. They better not pull a Prison Break season 3.

    And you gotta feel sorry for Otto. He has been crapped on the entire series, always doing things for the club, but never reaping rewards.

  • SoaFan says:

    I am 90% sure that Lincoln is actually John Teller. Did you guys see the previews for the next episode? There was an older picture of him with a cut on (I’m pretty sure it was SOA too). Plus when he asked Otto why he wanted privileges for Lenny Janowitz restored and Otto told him he wouldn’t understand he said “I wish that weren’t true.” I think it would be a good place to possibly take the show, that he didn’t die. What do you guys think, am I crazy or did it all just click into place for you lol

  • HD 2005 says:

    @ SoaFan,
    A friend and I have just spent the last hour discussing this. Remember that he promised Jucie that there would be no “blow back” on the club except for the members that were present at the meet between the cartel and the Irish?

  • RobJapan says:

    I agree with you. I was a first thinking that Lincoln Potter was part of the sons after I saw the picture last night. A friend of mine and I were brain storming that very idea that John never died. Also if you go back to the flower shop Gemma and Lincoln cross paths and Gemma asks if she knows him?

  • SoaFan says:

    @RobJapan I was reading some other forums and this came up and someone pointed out that they think she actually knows him, that she’s the force pushing him to do what he’s doing. I can’t put it as eloquently as they did but with her “I’m trying to protect what I’ve been building for 20 years speech” and her telling Tara “You have no idea what I’ve done to protect you and Jax” the way they put it it made nice sense to me. Also, Potter has admitted from being from the same hometown as JT so I’m guessing JT himself or possibly his brother.
    Now if she actually didn’t recognize him my theory (though it is super soap opera-y) is this: JT was in a horrible accident, dragged by a semi (I believe) its possible he had to get plastic surgery on his face. IDK I’m sure I’m reading too much into stuff but I’m glad no one thinks I’m super crazy haha

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