Friday Video – All Mankind, “Can You Hear Me”

To listen to All Mankind’s Simple Desire on Spotify, click here.

We rarely miss an opportunity to promote a worthy band from Down Under (see: Midnight Juggernauts, Oh Mercy). Our latest entry is All Mankind, which produced a rather amusing search list when we put their name into a certain music site we frequent which shall remain nameless. The results were almost exclusively death metal bands, something All Mankind is decidedly not.

Look at those boys. Do they look like death metalers? Perish the thought, though the bassist does rock a Jason Newsted-style stance in the clip for their new single “Can You Hear Me.” Think Coldplay with a less polarizing lead singer, or Keane with guitars, and you’re close: the track boasts one of those mile-wide choruses that is begging for stadium love. The clip shows the band on the run from a couple of authoritarians, though why the Man would want to keep down a band like this is anyone’s guess. This song doesn’t want a revolution, and that’s all right.


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