Friday Video – Bigelf, “Money, It’s Pure Evil”

One our favorite songs from 2008, this L.A. band freaked the shit out of us when we saw what they looked like, but one spin of the first single from their Cheat the Gallows album was enough to make us say, “We’re in.” Like some demented extension of Jellyfish’s Spilt Milk after the band grew bored with Queen and moved on to Pink Floyd, “Money, It’s Pure Evil” is one of the most epic three-minute rock songs ever recorded, and there is even a part of the solol (first notes in the second half) that we could swear were taken straight from a Floyd, or at the very least David Gilmour, solo, but damned if we can figure out which one. As first we thought it was from “Comfortably Numb,” but nope. Then we thought it might be from “Time,” but nope. Either way, it’s positively Gilmourian, and there are few guitarists we hold in higher esteem than Sir Dave. Tune up your air guitars and even your air violins – they’re about to be put to use.

As for the video, well, it’s suitably creepy to go with the band’s serial killer look. Two girls are offered the chance to presumably sell their souls for money, and the one who agrees becomes famous but ends up looking like the Black Dahlia, which is a pretty shitty trade, if you ask us. That movie was terrible.


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