Sons of Anarchy 4.5 – Brick

Well, I guess that’s what I get for criticizing the show for having too much filler story in the last two episodes, because while tonight was the normal 60-minute offering, it felt a heckuva lot longer due to the fact that it was jam-packed with so much information. Oh yeah, and a pretty big bomb was dropped as well that pretty much guarantees you’ll never look at some characters the same way again. I’m talking, of course, about Clay’s confirmation that he was in fact responsible for John Teller’s death. Though he didn’t admit anything to Piney (who expressed his suspicions before threatening to show JT’s letters to the rest of the club if they continued to do business with the cartel), Clay immediately ran to Gemma with concerns about how they were going to cover it up.

“I had John Teller killed while I was bedding his wife. It doesn’t matter what the reason was. Jax finds that out, he cuts off my goddamn head, he sticks it on the reaper pole.”

Wow. I mean, it’s not like it was a theory that hadn’t been batted around before, but thinking he may be involved and knowing for certain are two very different things – especially when Gemma was in on it too. Or was she? That’s where the story gets a little interesting, because while she clearly had knowledge of Clay’s plot to kill Jax’s father, I think that she was given the same bogus reason as Unser. Clay apparently told him that JT’s weakness would bring violence to Charming, and though Unser believed it at the time, after breaking into Tara’s office to steal the letters, he realized that it was all just a lie. Clay didn’t like that JT was trying to get the club out of the gun business, and he killed him for it, dragging Gemma and Unser down into the dirt with him. To make matters even worse, Gemma thinks that the letters have been destroyed by Unser, but the originals are still out there, and the only way that Clay can ensure the truth never gets out is by killing the only people who know about them: Piney and Tara.

Meanwhile, after the club receives word that Otto has found out about Luanne’s affair with Bobby (and suspects he may have been involved in her murder as well), SAMCRO tries to set the record straight by tracking down Georgie Caruso, who they believe is the real culprit. But Georgie is nowhere to be found after leaving the porno business for greener pastures in the sex toy industry, so the guys head to Cara Cara to meet with Layla’s new producer/director, Dondo (played by none other than The Hoff), who offers to lure Georgie back to the studio if they promise to kill him for what he did to Luanne.

As expected, Georgie falls for the trap, but when he offers up his wealthy Japanese business contacts in exchange for his life, Clay surprises everyone by agreeing to let him go. That’s because he’s planning to push the investors onto Jacob Hale in an attempt to feign success with the Charming Heights project, only to then pull them out at the last possible second so that the property deal falls through. Unfortunately, that leaves Bobby to break the bad news to Otto, but instead of just telling him the truth about Georgie’s stay of execution, he lies and says that they killed him instead. I’m not really sure why, but I’m starting to have my doubts that Georgie murdered Luanne at all.

Bobby wasn’t the only one acting especially shady tonight either, with Juice’s loyalty to SAMCRO being tested now that Roosevelt is blackmailing him with the information about his biological father. What’s funny is that Roosevelt himself is unknowingly being played at the same time. Though he initially refuses to help Lincoln play the race card against Juice in fear that he’ll be held accountable should Juice end up dead, Lincoln assures him that his involvement will be struck from the record in order to protect him. What Roosevelt doesn’t realize, however, is that Lincoln is lying straight to his face. (And here I thought he was actually one of the good guys). Granted, he did what he had to do in order to keep his investigation alive, but I always figured Lincoln for someone who played by the rules. In any event, Juice is now stuck holding an entire brick of cocaine, and SAMCRO has just noticed that it’s missing. Here’s hoping that doesn’t mean his days are numbered, because it would be a pretty stupid way for him to go.


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