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Friday Video – The Wolfgang Press, “Going South”

Since the entire music world is in Austin this week for South by Southwest – which reminds us of a great quote that Jon Fratelli gave us, that “you get to Friday and you think, ‘That should be it.’ You get to Saturday, and you’re like, ‘I’m sick of music. Fucking hate music.’” – we’re staying at home and enjoying the relative email silence while our publicist friends stay up until four in the morning working showcases. But fear not: we have a rabid concert goer on the premises who will be giving us rundowns of the day’s biggest hits.

Anyway, this seemed a fitting track to describe everyone’s travel plans for the week. Pity the band broke up right after this album came out. It seemed like they were just on the verge of breaking through. We suppose the world will have to settle for this, their song “A Girl Like You,” and their funky cover of “Mama Told Me Not to Come.” Could be worse, we suppose.


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