Friday Video – Rialto, “Summer’s Over” / The Psychedelic Furs, “Fall”

The season doesn’t technically change until the third week of September, but for most of us, Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer, and while it’s not exactly a fist-pumping party starter, it seemed too appropriate not to triumph this Brit Pop gem from a band that never quite got their due, well, anywhere. Except for South Korea, that is; for some reason, they were absolutely huge there.

Rialto was a six-piece band fronted by former Kinky Machine singer Louis Eliot, and their eponymous debut was clearly modeled after the gods of the Brit Pop scene, namely Oasis, Pulp and Blur. This remixed version of one of the album’s big showstopping ballads – this version is a little more Oasis-like than the album version – wears its intentions right on its sleeve in the chorus, stealing John Lennon’s opening vocal melody from “A Day in the Life” and using it to wax nostalgic about an affair that ends when the tourist city shuts down at summer’s end. All told, the band made two records (the other being 2001’s Night on Earth), and while neither record reinvents the Brit Pop wheel, they’re both quite enjoyable. In fact, their song “Love Like Semtex” is on our short list of songs we wish we had written. Seriously.

And, in keeping with our desire to give you something to get you pumped up for the weekend, here is the Psychedelic Furs and a song that announces our next season. You think these guys were into early Roxy Music when they recorded this puppy? Holy Art Rock, Batman.


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