Game On in Dallas

Bullz-Eye arrived in Dallas Saturday morning to sunshine and a warm welcome from our fellow bloggers from the “Game On” Blogger road trip to the Big Game. We were stopped in our tracks Friday night in Ennis, Texas due to icy roads but the final 30 miles into Dallas were smooth and filled with anticipation. The Chrysler 200 delivered all the way for our 4th and final leg of the Drive to Dallas and we’re optimistic about the future of this new mid-sized sedan from Chrysler.

We’re seeing bulls everywhere we go in Dallas so we feel right at home (check out the photos above). Today we’ll be heading to a house in eyesight of Cowboys Stadium for a day-long tailgating event with the whole Chrysler 200 road trip team. Everyone had their own time in the 2011 Chrysler 200 during their leg of the trip with different obstacles and challenges to overcome, including some of the coldest winter weather of the season thus far! Now it all hits the top of the mountain with the Big Game tonight and we’re going to be a part of history.

This was a big logistical undertaking by the team at Chrysler and we thank them for allowing to be a part of something special and very fun. Look for plenty of video from our Drive to Dallas road trip to be posted very soon so you can get an inside look at our very interesting experience.

Now it’s all on Green Bay and Pittsburgh to battle it out in what should be an game!


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