Friday Video – Cee Lo Green, “Fuck You”

Here’s how quickly the window opens and closes in pop culture these days: last week, when we first saw the clip for Cee Lo Green’s stupidly catchy and hilariously foul song “Fuck You,” the video only had a couple hundred thousand plays. As of this writing (three days before post), it was up to 1.25 million, which is our way of admitting that we probably should have posted this video last week. But Kaci Battaglia would not be denied. And really, who are we to say no to a girl with a bod like that?

Some friends of ours have complained about little things in this song, like the way Cee Lo’s focus shifts from singing to the girl to singing to the guy she’s with. Another friend complained that it perpetuates the stereotype of all women being gold diggers. Yet another joked that white people like this song because it allows them to say “nigga” in public. To the second point, we’d simply like to say that Cee Lo is saying that this girl is a gold digger, not all of them. To the first point: honestly, who cares? Catchy is catchy, and this song is Krazy-Glue catchy. As for that last point, well, he might be on to something.

We’ve complained in the past that the one thing that the digital revolution destroyed was the mass pop culture moment (Thriller, Madonna, Nirvana, etc.) How many of those were there in the last decade? Outside of “Hey Ya” and “Umbrella,” we’re at a loss to name one. But you can definitely add this one to the list.


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