Friday Video – The New Pornographers, “The Laws Have Changed”

We’re not ones to miss an opportunity to pimp one of our favorite bands from the Great White North, and even better, this clip comes with one of the hottest women ever. EVER. Seriously, who is that blonde in the ’60s mini? Guuuuuuuh. She makes us tingly.

And Neko Case (above), she’s not bad, either. Not bad at all.

As for the clip itself, our two-second internet research says that it is inspired by the 1965 film “Simon of the Desert,” where a man wanting to be closer to God climbs a pillar. That would certainly explain the girl’s clothes, not that they need any explaining. Did we mention the girl in this video is GORGEOUS?

Enough of our heavy breathing. Do some heavy breathing of your own. Happy Friday.


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