Okay, “30 Rock” fans, get ready for Cerie to speak her mind…

If you’re a “30 Rock” fan, then you’re probably familiar with Liz Lemon’s gorgeous assistant, Cerie, played by the equally gorgeous Katrina Bowden. No one would ever claim that Cerie has a brilliant mind, but she’s a shining example of the female form, and the way that form fits into her tight, skimpy wardrobe is…it’s, uh…

Wait, where was I?

Sorry, I started thinking about Cerie’s wardrobe, and my train of thought kind of jumped the track for a minute there. But as you can see from Cherie’s first video blog (or “vlog,” if you will), which we’re proud to offer you exclusively here at Bullz-Eye, it’s clear that she has that kind of effect on pretty much everybody.

Oh, what the heck: let’s offer up another one, shall we? This time, Cerie tackles a bit of viewer mail. My God, this woman is a national treasure…


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