30 Sexiest TV Actresses of 2013

Elena Satine

This real-life redhead was stunning as a platinum blonde, high-class hooker in “Magic City.” As the beautiful but troubled Julie Silver she helped make this one of the sexiest shows on television. She looked amazing in the late-50s outfits and also wasn’t shy about showing off her killer body. Hopefully we’ll be seeing much more of her in future project. You can follow Elena on Twitter here.

Ivana Milicevic

We interviewed this uber-sexy Bond Girl about her role as Carrie Hopewell in “Banshee” on Cinemax and she explained how she loved playing a strong woman who gets to “kick ass” and “be sexy.” And that’s exactly what she did in some incredibly steamy scenes in Season 1, rivaling anything else you’ll see on cable TV. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Ivana Milicevic Banshee
Photo courtesy of Cinemax

Lili Simmons

Beautiful model and actress Lili Simmons joined Ivana Milicevic in the “Banshee” cast as Amish party girl Rebecca Bowman. She’s come a long way from her Disney Channel days, and she and Ivana will give you plenty of reason to check out this show. You can follow Lili on Twitter here.

Meagan Good

The beautiful Meagan Good caught our attention several years ago when she appeared as one of Hank Moody’s love interests in “Californication.” Unfortunately, unlike most actresses who appear on that excellent cable show, she managed to keep all her clothes on though she did give us some poolside bikini scenes. Now she stars as Joanna Locasto in “Deception” on NBC and looks just as beautiful as ever. You can follow her on Twiiter here.

Meagan Good in Deception NBV Universal
Photo courtesy of NBC

Maggie Grace

This past season on “Californication,” the lucky Hank Moody moved on to rock-n-roll groupie Faith played by the lovely Maggie Grace, proving once again that Moody is the luckiest character on television. We’ve seen Maggie in a wide variety of roles over the years, including spoiled brat Shannon on “Lost.” Here she plays one of those beautiful but cool women every guy would love to meet in real life. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Episode 605
Photo by Jordin Althaus courtesy of Showtime

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