Friday Video – Wild Adriatic, “Bound to Let You Go”

We love videos like this.

Junior Senior made one five years ago with “Can I Get Get Get,” where they asked their fans to send in clips of themselves lip synching the song. And now New York blues rock quartet Wild Adriatic has done a similar bit, though it’s more focused on dancing than lip synching, which is just as well, because there are some women in this clip that you will want to watch as they dance. Take, for example, the adorkable girl dancing in front of the Star Wars poster. She only shows up twice, but she’ll haunt your dreams.

As for the song “Bound to Let You Go,” the lead single from the band’s forthcoming Lock & Key EP (it comes out April 27), well, they’re a blues rock band, so the song is pretty basic, but it’s crazy catchy, employing that chord between chorus and verse that instantly reminded us of the great song “Spooky,” made famous by the Classics IV though if we’re being honest, we prefer the version Atlanta Rhythm Section recorded 11 years later. Anyway, this a fun tune, if a bit oversung here and there (Jeff Buckley would not have made a good blues singer). And the clip is a trip. We love you, Star Wars Girl.


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