Creating ‘The Beauty Inside’

With the Internet and now mobile and social media, we’re seeing art developed in all sorts of innovative ways. Now we have a cool film idea where fans and aspiring actors can submit videos on Facebook to be a part of a film.

The film plot follows Alex, a guy who wakes up every day with a new face and new body, so he’s a completely different person on the outside but the same person on the inside as you’ll see in the video below. Alex always carries and uses a Toshiba Portégé® Ultrabook™ which serves as his personal journal throughout the episodes, and that’s how viewers can identify him as well. To create Alex’s changing daily appearance, a global, online casting call has been launched via Facebook to provide viewers in more than 15 countries a chance to audition for the film and play one of the roles of Alex.

The film will be available online in weekly episodes starting on August 16th and continue for six weeks. During this time, viewers will be invited to audition for an opportunity to be featured in the film as the editing team incorporates auditions and posts that best fit into the storyline of the episodes.


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