Sumo’s Omni Reloaded offers comfort and versatility on the go!

What better way to spend a milestone 10 year anniversary for a successful business than to launch an all-new revolutionary product? That’s exactly what the folks at did with the ultra-cool Omni Reloaded. We chill on other Sumos that we tested, but the new Omni Reloaded is a really super product that could be their best to date! Sumo Reloaded is the latest and most revolutionary product Sumo Lounge has ever produced. A logical evolution from the signature Omni beanbag, it features the same quality craftsmanship but is designed for those who value comfort and versatility on the go.

The magic is in the flexible, durable and easy-to-clean materials it is made with; Reloaded effortlessly adjusts into a number of positions to suit your needs. And just as easily, it packs away in its matching carry case for convenient transport or storage. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to adjust and store for on the run fun!

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Product Review: Sumo Lounge Emperor


We were fortunate to review a Sumo Lounge Emperor urban lounge chair, and let me tell you, this is no ordinary chair. The Sumo measures 55” x 25” and is the perfect chair to snuggle up with your partner and watch a movie or read your favorite book! The Sumo Emperor is made of a material called Ballistic nylon, which is PVC-coated nylon that is super durable but smooth. I noticed right away that after a family or friend sat in the Emperor for the first time, it was damn near impossible to get them to sit on anything else in the room. Be careful, as things can get heated when deciding who gets the Sumo when watching a ball game with pals. Our test model was a bright red and it really lights up a room with positive energy.

You can purchase the Sumo Emperor directly on the Sumo website, and it will run you around $249 shipped airtight through FedEx.