Take a ride in Heart’s Red Velvet Car, stream their new single “WTF”

They are two of the most badass women in rock, and odds are one of their songs was playing in the background during a formative experience in your life. Don’t worry, we won’t ask for details, because it’s probably best for all concerned that there are no witnesses.

In conjunction with the release of their 13th studio album Red Velvet Car, Bullz-Eye is taking part in a scavenger hunt where that has the band posting a new song from the album on a different site. We were lucky enough to score the band’s rockin’ new single “WTF,” which you can listen to right here. And you definitely want to listen to this, because it’s the hardest thing Heart’s done in decades.

To find out what web site is hosting the next song from the album, follow the band on Twitter, where they will be leaving clues as to the next location. (Look for the hash tag “#I<3Heart".) Man, this one will sound good in their live set next to "Barracuda." Party on, Wayne. Heart Official Site
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