Product Review: Irish Spring Clear & Fresh Skin Body Wash

It's another Tequila Sunrise

In the cult classic The Big Lebowski, Mr. Lebowski wonders aloud to The Dude, “What makes a man, Mr. Lebowski?”  

What is it? What makes a man, a man?

Is it scent? Is it responsibility? Is it clear, clean skin? Well, if it is indeed any of those things, the new product from Irish Spring has taken all the thinking out of it for you.

My daughter inspected the fresh bottle of Irish Spring before I did. She popped the top, took a whiff and said, “That smells like a man, dad.” The fragrant scent of citrus/orange definitely lent itself to manhood and all of its pitfalls.

When I saw that the new Irish Spring Clear & Fresh Skin Body Wash provided by Colgate was also the first mass male body wash to “treat and prevent” breakouts, I was intrigued. There are a ton of other body washes on the market and the majority of them do not begin to broach the subject of acne.

Rather, many of them load up on scents and perfumes but don’t really do anything in terms of preventive maintenance, especially strictly for acne. However, I was slightly hesitant because I have sensitive skin that dries out in no time, and generally, any acne fighting skin solution has the potential to really dry you out.

The texture of Irish Spring was something I liked the second I poured it into my hand; it wasn’t a thick, gloppy substance that was just going to coat your body. After the texture, the next thing I noticed was the scent. It had a nice refreshing kick to it and wasn’t laced with the smell of chemicals.

Irish Spring worked itself into a lather in no time; I literally had huge bubbles extending across my body almost immediately and I just felt clean. It wasn’t difficult to wash off either, and it didn’t leave a sticky film. But the most important part to me was that my skin didn’t feel dried out — it didn’t itch and I didn’t need to add an additional moisturizer or lotion after I stepped out of the shower.

Another facet of the Irish Spring product worth mentioning is the 8 HR Scent System. Sure, the scent was great when my daughter popped the bottle and after I used it, but that’s the easy part, friend! Roughly six hours after taking a shower and using the Irish Spring, a (female) friend at the local Mai Tai Lounge commented on how fresh I smelled. At this point, even I didn’t notice that I smelled like anything, let alone that I smelled good. So just imagine how many times you go out thinking you don’t smell like anything and you actually smell bad, buddy.

Try the Irish Spring Clear & Fresh Skin Body Wash for yourself and let it take the thinking out of body wash for you. Between your job, new old lady, ex-wife, mortgage and ’99 Mazda 626, don’t you have enough on your mind already? If you tried the original Irish Spring Body Wash in the past, be sure to try the new and improved version by heading to the official website.


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