Playing basketball in the new Ektio Breakaway

We had the chance to test the new Ektio Breakaway, which improves upon previous models through enhanced comfort, performance and ease of use. The new Ektio looks great and is sleeker than the first edition, but make no mistake, these new athletic shoes are as safe as ever with new breakthrough technology. With that peace of mind, basketball players have come to find out that there are more benefits to wearing the new Ektio than just looks and safety from injuries. A recent survey done by Ektio revealed that 42% of players felt that Ektio shoes improved their outside shooting efficiency compared to their prior sneakers. One of the fundamentals of consistent outside shooting is balance and stability. Ektio shoes, which provide ankle support technology designed to protect against sprained ankles, also offers maximum balance and stability for the foot and ankle. Basketball experts and trainers believe this is the explanation for the better shooting the Ektio shoe provides.

The shoe is very lightweight and gave us more ankle support than we could have hoped. John Starks, former New York Knicks guard and member of the Ektio Team, says this shoe will set the standard for maximum performance and ankle protection in basketball, tennis, volleyball and more. “We’ve taken our product to a whole new level,” Starks said. “We’re always striving to improve the product, and we’ve certainly done that with the Breakaway.” Rick Barry, NBA Hall of Famer and member of the Ektio Team, has said, “I find it difficult to understand why any basketball player would not wear the Ektio shoe.”

The slightly more difficult process of putting the old models of Ektio on is now eliminated with the Breakaway model. Two inner straps bring your foot and the shoe together as a single unit, minimizing movement going on inside the shoe. The movement that occurs inside every other shoe is what allows the ankle and shoe to move in separate directions, causing excruciatingly painful ankle sprains. With that movement minimized in the Ektio shoe, so are the chances of an ankle sprain. The mesh tongue and neoprene inner booty provide for a snug, comfortable fit while securing the inner straps to the shoe. The anti-sprain bumpers on the outside allow you to cut harder, stop shorter, and slide more powerfully defensively without the fear of the ankle giving out.

The Breakaway is scheduled to launch February 1, 2013 at, and The Ektio Breakaway will retail for $129.95.


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