Broadway show tickets are always a great gift

With the success of Trey Parker and Matt Stone with “The Book of Mormon,” you have a whole new generation getting introduced to the art form of Broadway musicals. Some guys really don’t appreciate this stuff, thinking there are more manly entertainment options. Yet if you’re looking for a great date idea or a gift that your mom, wife or girlfriend will remember, you really can’t do much better than show tickets.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are hilarious, and it’s fun watching them talk about the musical as they do above. Some of these shows are hilarious and “The Book of Mormon” definitely fits the bill. It’s been a sensation on Broadway, and you’ll definitely score some points with tickets to that show.

You should also consider theater tickets when you’re traveling, as many towns have surprisingly good theater districts. Cleveland is a good example. Then you have cities like New York and London where the theater experience is one of the primary attractions. If you can coordinate seeing plays in London you won’t regret it, as every major production is out there. You can get classic shows like buying Lion King tickets or the new hot show that’s getting all the buzz. Combine that with one of the great restaurants in London and you have an evening she’ll never forget.

So get outside your comfort zone and think about new things. The women in your life will appreciate it.


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