Equinox launches Equimatic app on Facebook

Equimatic by EquinoxIf you live in one of the country’s metropolitan centers, you probably know Equinox. For the rest of the world, Equinox is a super posh club gym that caters to the wealthy and fabulous. That’s not to say it’s not a good gym, in fact, by most accounts it’s a fantastic place to workout.

Today, Equinox launched a confidence campaign. Basically it’s an effort to inspire you to get your lazy ass to the gym and get into the kind of shape that will give you confidence. To support the campaign, the company created Equimatic, a Facebook app that works a little bit like Instagram, framing uploaded pictures to look like a polaroid, and giving them a bit of a vintage blur filter. The hope is that confident people from around the world will upload pictures on the Equinox Facebook page, showing off their confidence and sending those pictures to friends and family.

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate getting pictures of my super-fit friends with their shirts off, but that’s probably just because I’m out of shape. And maybe that’s the point. To inspire the people around you to work for a body that will give them the same kind of confidence you have.

The best part of the campaign is that anyone who uploads a photo to the Equinox Facebook page will be eligible for exclusive Equinox rewards. If you’re feeling extra fit, and feel like flaunting it to a few of your closest friends, check out Equinox Equimatic on the Equinox Facebook page.


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