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Coming Soon: A Moviegoer’s Guide to June

“The Conjuring 2”

Who: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, David Thewlis and Franka Potente
What: Lorraine and Ed Warren travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits.
When: June 10th
Why: The first “Conjuring” movie was a surprise hit and an effectively creepy horror tale. Now, after the forgettable “Annabelle” spinoff, can original director James Wan find more terror in the stories of the Warrens’ exploits with the supernatural? If the film can pull off the same period-specific details, grounded characters and startling moments, there may be a lot of life in this horror franchise yet. Judging by the trailer, Wan returns with unsettling atmosphere, effective jump scares and some memorably uncomfortable imagery that should make horror fans very happy indeed.

“Now You See Me 2”

Who: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Lizzy Caplan, Dave Franco, Daniel Radcliffe, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine
What: The Four Horsemen resurface and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet.
When: June 10th
Why: Speaking of surprise hits, the tale of system-fighting, bank-robbing magicians was a huge box office smash and made for a fun, if shallow, time at the movies. The crew is back (except for Isla Fisher, who was replaced by Lizzy Caplan – upgrade!), and it looks like the challenge is on to top the various spectacles and CGI-influenced magic moments of the first entry. Plus, with the knowing wink of casting Harry Potter himself in this magician film, it looks like director Jon Chu is having the exact sort of fun that filmmakers should have with this ridiculous but entertaining premise.

“Central Intelligence”

Who: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Aaron Paul and Amy Ryan
What: After he reunites with an old pal through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage.
When: June 17th
Why: With the “Ride Along” movies, Kevin Hart has proven quite adept at the mismatched buddy action film, providing lots of laughs for audiences. Dwayne Johnson, meanwhile, oozes charm as ever, creating the makings of a very offset but complimentary duo. Hopefully, the film will rise to these actors’ talents and deliver both excellent laughs and action set pieces. Plus, it’s directed by the guy behind “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” who’s proven his comedy chops and knowledge of formulaic tropes to subvert.

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