2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide: Gear

Here’s a grab bag of Father’s Day gift ideas that fit the “gear” category, from shoes and shirts to belts and bags, and even products to get him into shape. And for more great suggestions, be sure to check out the other categories in our annual gift guide.

Golf by James Warren


For the dad who loves to golf, or just likes to wear golf shirts, check out Golf by James Warren, a clothing collection that utilizes Europe’s best fabrics with a distinctive American style. We tried out the polo shirts and were impressed. The shirts are made in Italy using 100% cotton and the traditional designs are complimented by very distinctive features that set them apart from your traditional polo shirt. Check out the website for more shirts, sweaters and jackets that “defy traditional boundaries.”

Premium belts and more from Maono


MAONO.com is on a mission to create beautiful, high-quality clothing and then selling online to remove the middle man and make their products more affordable. We checked out a black leather belt featuring a rectangular pin buckle that would make for a great gift and offers a classic and elegant design that’s perfect for everyday use. The belt is made in Italy with impeccable craftsmanship, and it offers a great example of the quality and design of this brand. If you’re looking for gifts like accessories or clothing that are classic but stylish, and if you want to stay within your budget, then you should definitely check out MAONO.com.

Tommy Bahama hybrid swim trunks


These hybrid swim trunks from Tommy Bahama are perfect for dads who love boating or the water in general. The Hybrid of Paradise 11″ Swim Trunks are unique because you can wear them as swim trunks or regular shorts. They look like a cross between regular clothe shorts and a bathing suit, but the cotton/polyester blended material is very comfortable while also being appropriate for the water. All of the interior pockets are mesh like you would find in a bathing suit, but it has the standard external pockets you would expect from a pair of cargo shorts. The only surprise is that it doesn’t have the mesh underwear portion you would expect from a bathing suit, so that makes them look even more like shorts along with the zipper in the front. The shorts also come in a wide variety of colors. We liked the royal blue pair we had with the yellow logo on the side. With the quick dry fabric these shorts are perfect for boating and beach outings, particularly when you’ll be going back and forth between the water and the bar!

Casual Shoes from Oliberté

Oliberté was founded in 2009 “with the concept of building premium outdoor leather shoes by quality crafts people resulting in creating sustainable jobs.” This idea is very simple and powerful: Trade not aid. Check out the website and you’ll see the wide variety of casual shoes and other leather products available from this brand made in Ethiopia.

They sent us a pair of the Narivo in Brown-Yellow Pullup casual men’s loafer to try out and we were very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. The brown shoe is perfect with jeans or slacks and for all sorts of casual settings. The high quality leather is very soft, and the classic design also has a modern twist with the lighter colored soles. This pair comes in grey, tan and green as well. If you browse the website you’ll also see a wide variety of beautiful leather bags as well.


Rockport Parker Hill Moc Oxford

Rockport shoes are known for providing great comfort, and with these Oxfords, you get plenty of style as well. They feature a hand-burnished, dip-dyed, full-grain leather upper with a split toe seam and understated moccasin toe. Bolstered by an adiPRENE by adidas dense foam pad to protect on heel strike, the polyurethane footbed is designed to manage moisture as it cushions.


ECBC Messenger Bags


These handy bags from ECBC are perfect for dads who travel a lot or need a practical and casual-styled computer bag. The bags are very sturdy as they’re made with quality materials, and the compartments are laid out in an efficient and logical manner, so it’s easy to carry all sorts of electronics, along with your phone, water bottle and more.

Saddleback Leather Co. Classic Briefcase


If you’re looking for an upscale gift for the professional on your list, check out this beautiful bag from Saddleback Leather Co. The origins of Saddleback Leather Co. can be traced back to a single bag, designed by adventure-seeker and chief jefe Dave Munson when he was volunteering in Mexico. He scoured local markets for a bag to hold lesson plans, but tough enough to endure the rough-and tumble of Juarez. Failing to find what he needed, he sketched his perfect bag and commissioned a local leather craftsman to build the piece. Today, Saddleback makes leather bags and small accessories that are built like tanks. The company likes to say that people will fight over your Saddleback when you’re dead because it will last a very long time. These are classically designed, heirloom-level pieces produced with the highest quality leather that will age richly to reflect the owners personal trials and travels. This is the kind of gift people will never forget.

TRX HOME Suspension Training Kit

For those that simply don’t have the time to dedicate to a daily program like P90X, the TRX Home Suspension Training Kit is a great substitute. Designed by a Navy SEAL commando, the TRX provides a total body workout in 30 minutes and more specialized workouts in only 15 minutes. And if it’s good enough for the military, then it’s definitely good enough for the average person. One of the biggest deterrents of most workout systems is that they take up too much room in the house, but the best thing about the TRX is that because it uses your own body weight, there’s not much to it apart from the suspension straps and anchors (which fit into a small mesh bag), making setup and storage a breeze. Better yet, you can use it at home with the door anchor or outside with the suspension anchor, making on-the-go exercising not just a reality, but actually more preferable. The kit also comes with various workout flashcards and the ability to access digital versions on your smartphone or tablet, so there’s really no excuse not to get into shape anymore.


P90X Workout

It’s no surprise why Beachbody’s P90X has become so popular over the last few years. In this health-conscious, fitness-obsessed society that we now live in, people are constantly looking for the most effective way to whip themselves into shape without having to pay for an expensive gym membership, and this 12-disc DVD workout program is among the best at doing just that. P90X takes a “no pain, no gain” approach to exercising, so unless you’re an Olympic athlete, chances are pretty good that it will kick your butt during the first few weeks. But if you stick with it, you’ll eventually start to see results provided you’re eating a sensible diet. That’s easier said than done, and although not everyone will be able to handle such an extreme workout, fitness nuts will love the challenge. Though you’ll have to pick up a few other accessories to get the full P90X experience, the core kit – which includes all 12 DVDs and an impressively assembled Nutrition Plan with meal suggestions and recipes – will still get the job done for anyone serious about slimming down and toning up.