Cockroaches on Kickstarter

Check out this awesome trailer for a new film in development. “Cockroaches” looks like the ultimate movie for guys – something like “Snatch” for Americans. The guys producing the film have started a funding campaign on Kickstarter. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s an amazing new vehicle that empowers fans to invest in creative projects that they have an interest in.

Actress/Playmate Anna Sophia Berglund has become the most recent addition to the film. This stunning model, who many know as one of Hugh Hefner’s significant others, is also an actress that has studied at UCLA as well as the prestigious Beverly Hills Playhouse. She was most recently seen in the high school comedy film “Project X” and also recently worked on the film “Amelia’ 25th” featuring Danny Trejo and Jennifer Tilly. She’s also had appearances in the hit reality shows “The Girls Next Door” and “Holly’s World.”

In “Cockroaches” she will be playing the role of Alice, who is a pivotal character in the film’s storyline which revolves around the Pope being kidnapped from the Vatican. The Christoffer Aldell-directed film also includes cast members Tommy Lister, Robert Miano, and Zach McGowan, who you might remember from his hilarious portrayal of Jody from “Shameless” on Showtime.

The feature film is being produced by new independent production company Roachtown, LLC. The production company was founded by producer Benjamin Morris and producer/actor Ryan de Quintal. De Quintal had the following to say about Berglund’s involvement in the film, “Anna really is the perfect fit for Alice, and we all feel this film will be her opportunity to showcase her talents to the world.”

If you have an interest in independent films, particularly edgy stories like the one featured here, you should definitely check out Kickstarter and check out the page for Cockroaches. At the very least you can see a video introduction from Anna!


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