Friday Video – Kenna, “Freetime”

Click here to listen to Kenna’s New Sacred Cow on Spotify

A true rarity in music video these days: an entire story, told from the knees down.

Kenna isn’t asking for anyone’s sympathies, but it’s awfully hard to not feel sorry for the guy. His debut album New Sacred Cow was scoring massive advance buzz thanks to an eye-opening video for the song “Hellbent.” DreamWorks (remember when they were a record label, too?) seemed to have a big hit on their hands…and then the album never came out. Another year went by, and it still hadn’t come out. Eventually, Sony jumped in to rescue New Sacred Cow from purgatory and did everything they could to recreate the momentum that Kenna had two years earlier – case in point: we saw Kenna play Schuba’s in Chicago, and the label picked up the bar tab for the attendees, NICE – but the album just never found the mainstream audience that seemed well within its grasp.

Come on, take a look at this video, and tell us it isn’t a work of art. You get the full cycle of the fight, the misguided decisions that came in its wake, and the final, sweet, make-up kiss…along with a nice final revelation in the last shot, and not once do we see even a glimpse of anyone from their thighs to their eyes. Kenna makes an appearance in the clip, though it’s on a poster.

Happy Friday, everyone. Don’t steal any bicycles after fighting with your girl. It will only lead to trouble.


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