Can an MMA wrestler transition to MMA?

Here’s a cool video of Vladimir Kozlov in an MMA training session. Kozlov is an interesting character, having spent quite a bit of time as a WWE wrestler. He’s also parlayed his tough guy image into an acting career with appearances on “The Wire” and various movies.

The MMA scene is littered with tough guys who try to make their mark. Remember Kimbo Slice? The hype is definitely part of the fun, and it’s one of the reasons MMA has pushed boxing aside for many younger fans.

Whatever you think, this video is pretty cool and I’m sure we’d all love to see this guy give MMA a try. Also, the video should be one more point of inspiration for any guy who wants to get in shape. Regardless of which workout routines for men you prefer, the point is getting off your rear end and doing something. It’s probably not for everyone, but boxing and MMA training routines are definitely worth exploring, particularly if you need a little fun with your workouts.


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