Friday Video – Slade, “Run Runaway”

The opening drums might be faker than 60% of Posh Spice’s body, and sadly you’ll have to look elsewhere to hear them, because they were cut off of this upload, but hot damn, does this song still sound cool to us now. Not every rock song made it out of the ’80s alive. Most of Tom Werman’s productions, in particular, sound hollow and dated, and when a friend played a homemade best of Dokken he had made, the question that kept popping into our heads was, “Didn’t we just hear this song?” Ah, but “Run Runaway” still sounds awesome today. Huge power chords, those chugging synthetic drums, the fiddle, the chain gang backing vocals…love, love, love. The clip the band shot, though, is just silly, with lead singer Noddy Holder just making goofy faces at the camera for a good 10 seconds straight. Imagine Michael Bay or McG putting a shot like that in a video. The urge to hyper-edit will surely consume them.

All right, so maybe this isn’t a video to watch, but rather to listen to. And remember, Quiet Riot’s biggest hit was written by these guys, which would explain why the band went back to the Slade well for their next album by covering “Mama Weer All Crazee Now.” (That one didn’t work out so well, peaking at #51.) Happy Friday, everyone. Rock on.


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