Product Review: Hairbond

We were recently contacted by the folks at Hairbond, where all the products are designed and manufactured in the UK. According to a Hairbond press release the company “bases its brand on luxury, style and ‘Britishness’, positioning itself as a top of the line professional brand with top quality hair grooming products. Hairbond provides young, urban, cosmopolitan, working men with a touch of luxury in their hair grooming routine and are the brand that corresponds to the lifestyle and aspirations of young, successful and demanding men. Experienced hair stylist Scott Michaels founded Hairbond after growing tired of what are about to become his competitors.” That had our expectations pretty darn high. This bloke was looking forward to testing these men’s hair styling waxes and find out if they live up to the hype.

First and foremost, the clear containers for the Moulder and Sculptor products looked extraordinary. I first tried the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper, which creates separations with a matte finish. The Moulder boasts a strong flexible hold that gives immediate grab and high density texture while thickening your hair’s appearance. Hairbond Moulder worked like a charm and the red apple and pineapple scents were right on.

Next up was the Sculptor Professional Hair Putty, which is soft and gives great texture to one’s hair while also providing great finish on dry hair. Sculptor is perfect for guys who want to achieve the wet look and the sweet apple fragrance is great insurance to keep your lady friend happy!

Overall, Hairbond is a great line of products because the company shares your desire to be your best. I found both products to be as good as advertised and that’s a real pleasure these days.


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