Friday Video – OK Go, “White Knuckles”

Finally. We’ve been putting this song on mix discs and playlists from the moment that OK Go lead singer Damian Kulash was nice enough to send us the band’s new album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky after a phone interview last December, and at long last, the Princealicious “White Knuckles” (dig that guitar in the break) is a single. This may not be the most eye-popping of the videos the band’s made for this record, but it’s still another impossibly well-planned one-take video. Plus, we’re guessing the band will tell you that this one was the most difficult to execute, given that they shared the stage with, to use a LOLcats expression, goggies. Lots of very well-trained goggies.

Bassist Tim Nordwind handles lip syncing duties yet again, and if they keep this up, people are going to think he’s the actual singer (psst! Kulash is the one that kinda looks like Hugh Grant’s little brother), but good luck paying attention the band in this one. With the exception of the chair dancing bit (it’ll make sense when you see it), the dogs are the stars from the moment two of them do three laps around their feet. To say any more would spoil the fun. Watch, and watch again.

And, as a bonus, here is OK Go drummer Dan Konopka getting into a staring contest with Animal. Yes, that Animal. Cheers.


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Review: Zkano organic cotton socks

Zkano home page.

Do you like great socks? My hand went straight up as I don’t care how good the shoes on my feet are I need great socks to keep the puppies happy! I found some of those great socks at and once I had the chance to review a few pair I’m now a believer in what Zkano is producing. You see Zkano socks aren’t just extremely comfortable, they are made from organic cotton grown in Alabama. And, Not only is the cotton grown in Alabama but these great socks are made in Alabama as well.

I use the Zkano socks for everyday wear and for sports such as basketball and tennis and they are top notch and I must say that knowing a family business down in Alabama is producing these socks are an extra thumbs up. The styles I have are the Venture, Stride, and my favorite, the Tempo which are designed to provide comfort, extra breathability and a deep pocketed heel just to name a few features.

Check out all of the organic cotton socks at Zkano and you too will appreciate the extra care they put into the comfort of your feet!


Bear Naked Granola and its wild videos

Bear Naked Granola is an all-natural blend of whole grains and other natural ingredients and its premise is that it gives a person the energy to do anything. To that end, the company has begun a Facebook campaign for people to share videos of fun, wild and “totally ridiculous” sports activities. Sports teams or individuals are able to upload their videos.

But being that we review food products on here, we also asked for samples to check out. I’m not sure that I would do anything wild and crazy upon eating this granola, but it’s damn tasty. We tried the Bear Naked Peak Protein Original flavor and it’s not quite crunchy–but more “soft crunchy” if you can imagine that. Put it this way, it won’t cut your gums like some granolas do. It’s not overly sweet either. We also tried the Bear Naked “Fit” Vanilla Almond Crunch, and this one is a bit crunchier and has a maple-y undertone. It has just 4 grams of sugar, but because of that, doesn’t taste as good as the original flavor. But as for that original flavor, I might just eat the whole bag right now.

For more on Bear Naked’s video promotion and how you can get involved, please visit their website.


GQ names 25 best cocktail bars in America

There has been a revolution slowly stirring in bars across the country and over the past decade that revolution has caught fire. Cocktail bars have sprouted up all over the country, offering the rarest of spirits and custom concoctions at the hands of the world’s best bartenders. The cocktail resurgence happened so quickly no one has taken the time to separate the wheat from the chaff, until now.

For its October issue, GQ traveled 34,462 miles around the country to bring you a list of the top 25 cocktail bars, lounges, and holes-in-the-walls of America. Seattle’s Zig Zag Café sits at the top of the list, with the following endorsement:

At Zig Zag Café, “patrons come for the easy conversation and the drink-all-day coziness. Above all, though, they come for the cocktails of Murray Stenson. The man is effortlessly talented, a bartender superhero. In fact, he may be the country’s best,” writes Kevin Sintumuang. “Each drink Murray pours is a mini-revelation, an introduction to rare spirits and a bold use of common ones.”

The Zig Zag Café is followed by these 24 bars:

2: Angel’s Share – New York
3: The Violet Hour – Chicago
4: Clover Club – Brooklyn
5: The Alembic – San Francisco
6: Death & Co – New York
7: PDT – New York
8: PX – Alexandria, VA
9: Comstock Saloon – San Francisco
10: Holeman & Finch – Atlanta
11: Tiki-ti – Los Angeles
12: The Patterson House – Nashville
13: Eastern Standard – Boston
14: Rickhouse – San Francisco
15: Anvil – Houston
16: Arnaud’s French 75 – New Orleans
17: Elixir – San Francisco
18: Columbia Room – Washington, D.C.
19: Cole’s – Los Angeles
20: The Whistler – Chicago
21: Drink – Boston
22: Pegu Club – New York
23: The Edison – Los Angeles
24: The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. – Philadelphia
25: Needle and Thread – Seattle

For drinking lessons learned, tips, and more information about each bar, pick up the October issue of GQ,available now on newsstands and on iTunes, or visit

Photo Credit: Mitchell Feinberg/GQ


Is “Boardwalk Empire” the next “The Sopranos”?

If the strong critical support, the record-setting ratings, and HBO’s decision to renew the show for a second season the morning after its premiere is any indication, then yes, I’d say it has a pretty good chance. But first, it’s going to have to do a lot more than deliver a captivating pilot episode – one that was directed by Martin Scorsese, the man behind some of the best mob films of the last 20 years – if it ever hopes to reach the same level as “The Sopranos.”

One good episode doesn’t exactly make a great series, but you can definitely tell that the pieces are all there to create something really special. And to help make sense of all the corruption, backstabbing, and every sordid piece of back-alley business in between, Will Harris will be blogging “Boardwalk Empire” throughout the season. Here’s a brief taste from his post about the premiere:

“I don’t know about you guys, but I was sucked into the show almost instantly, in no small part because of Steve Buscemi. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t been a fan of his work for years, but it’s great to see him in the lead role for a change. He’s perfect for it, too: Nucky’s a guy who’s got a lot of power but isn’t necessarily the most intimidating fish in the pond.”

In addition, Bullz-Eye is currently running a “Boardwalk Empire” contest asking our Facebook friends to tell us about their favorite cinematic mobsters. The contest runs through next Wednesday, September 29th, and one lucky winner will walk away with a branded flask, a “Boardwalk Empire” book about the real-life characters, and a keychain flash drive preloaded with exclusive content. Head over to the official contest page to find out how to enter and then be sure to visit our “Boardwalk Empire” blog every Sunday night for a recap of all the latest action.