Friday Video – Chromeo, “Don’t Turn the Lights On”

Meet the new LCD Soundsystem. Same as the old LCD Soundsystem.

Allow us to explain.

LCD Soundsystem, from where we stand – and for the record, this writer is evoking the editorial ‘we’ here, so he is speaking for no one but himself – LCD Soundsystem is the most overrated band on the planet right now. They’re not terrible, mind you; they’re just derivative, with very little of their output rising above their influences. Yet somehow, they are the It Band. Some actress even gave Entertainment Weekly a quote about how she feels cool when she listens to them. We’re hoping that she’s in on the ridiculous hype surrounding this band and is having a laugh. But who knows, maybe she actually meant it, that she understands that people will think more highly of her if she tells them she listens to LCD Soundsystem. Either answer, frankly, scares us.

Which brings us to Chromeo. There is an LCD-type ground swell growing around this band, and we can see why. They play smoove synth funk, and who doesn’t love that? At the same time, are they really that good, or is it just the idea of a band like Chromeo that people are so enamored with? Be honest – they could be better.

Now, this song, this is one of the better ones. From their brand new album Business Casual, “Don’t Turn the Lights On” gets the balance just right. Catchy, funky and sexy…pity the rest of Business Casual doesn’t measure up to it. But this isn’t the Friday Album column, it’s the Friday Video column, so it counts. Plus, the video has lots of fun with, yep, turning the lights off. Get down with your bad self.


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