New Food Product Roundup

Lucky us, we get to review new food products that are sent to us! Here are a few awesome new ones that we recently received:

Utz Pub Fries/Cheddar Cheese Flavor--Leave it to the folks at Utz to take a product that someone else is making and make it better. I remember the Andy Capp’s “Fries” as a kid and these are like an upscale version. There is a strong onion undertone but the burst of real cheese flavor makes up for it.

Utz Pub Fries/Red Hot Flavor–These are super crunchy and the heat is almost instant. The heat also pleasantly lingers. While there is no cheese in this one, there is a tomato-y flavor that blends nicely with the heat. These are awesome

Chef JimDean’s Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip–The fine folks at Dean’s have always made a killer chip dip. Well now they are here with a new product, Pretzel Dip. The honey mustard is delicious and somehow not too frou-frou. The first ingredient is mustard and honey is not far down the list, making this a naturally good snack as well. And there is just 1.5 grams of fat per serving. Not that you’re watching your weight or anything.

Dean’s Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Dip–This one is also excellent, with a subtle yet nice cheese flavor in a creamy dip. It’s made with real cheese, and isn’t runny or chalky like other cheese dips, making it perfect for pretzels.

Mr and Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix (improved formula)Chef Jim–If you’ve ever had Mr and Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix, you know it’s distinctive, snappy and slightly sweet. Now, just in time for tailgating season, they have re-introduced the mixer with more tomato juice and sea salt to reduce sodium. This was always a good mix, but you can’t go wrong by adding more real juice to something, and that’s what they have done here. And why wouldn’t you want to make sure what you mix with lots of vodka is healthier?


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