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“Death Race 3: Inferno” – The biggest, baddest “Death Race” yet

I was on hand recently on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood for a private screening of the third installment of the “Death Race” franchise, “Death Race 3: Inferno,” hosted by Luke Goss and director Roel Reiné. It was great to see the film after traveling to South Africa to cover the filming of the movie last year. After seeing it, I’m convinced it was easily the best yet in the series. With most of the cast returning from “Death Race 2,” including Luke Goss and Tanit Phoenix, Roel Reiné directing and Mike Elliott producing, all of the pieces were in place for a very successful production, and the end-result was excellent. “Death Race 3” is available in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

This latest version, inspired by Roger Corman’s cult classic, “Death Race 2000,” finds the legendary Frankenstein (Luke Goss) in a new competition, a winner take all race in South Africa. Set in an underground convict prison inside an abandoned Cape Town rock quarry, the extreme action soon explodes out in to the Kalahari Desert, with more explosions, car wrecks and wild to the death chases than you can imagine. he director himself even commented on the sheer number of cameras destroyed in the making of this film.

The Death Race, a brutal prison blood sport that bid the opportunity for prisoners to race for their chance to be released from prison, but it is to the death they must go. This race in turn is broadcast worldwide in this future apocalypse for the sadistic joy of a twisted civilization with a desire for blood thirst. There are some interesting twists to the story, however, and you’ll have go along for the ride to find out what happens.

Rounding out the cast is Ving Rhames and the stellar Danny Trejo, whose real life experiences in San Quentin helped bring a hardened authenticity to his portrayal of Goldberg. I had the opportunity to interview them in South Africa as you can see from clicking on their names above, along with lead actor Luke Goss, Robin Shou and Fred Koehler.

“Death Race 3” also brings an ever greater bevy of beauties on board this time, now with female co-pilots (the Nav Girls) next to the drivers and even one “all girl” race team led by Dutch model Michelle Van Schaik in her acting debut. Hot pit crew girls also prep the outlandish desert cars between races. Bullz-Eye was granted exclusive photo sets of the Navigation Girls, the sexy driver team and the female star Tanit Phoenix (“Death Race 2,” “Femme Fatales”). We also interviewed them all as well, so follow the links above to their photo sets and video interviews.

You can also check out a gallery of all of the unique and badass desert race cars, along with some great slideshows of Tanit Phoenix, Michelle Van Schaik and the Navigation girls posed on the Death Race cars. You can follow all of our “Death Race 3” coverage here.


Interview with Luke Goss, aka Frankenstein, from “Death Race 3”

In “Death Race 3: Inferno,” we learn more about the development of Luke Goss’s Frankenstein character, with some interesting twists along the way. Luke discusses his character on set in South Africa with Bullz-Eye’s Paul Miller.

Luke Goss at the “Death Race 3” premiere. Photo by Paul Miller