Upgrade your Mother’s Day bouquet with Roseshire

Mother’s Day can be a tricky holiday for gift-giving, which is why so many guys fall back on the age-old tradition of sending flowers. But while most floral services are good enough for your mom and grandma (honestly, they’re just happy you even remembered), sometimes you want to go the extra mile for your wife or baby mama and give her something truly special, and the guys who created the rose delivery service Roseshire know exactly what she deserves.

For starters, Roseshire doesn’t mess around with any other flower varieties besides long-stemmed roses. This is what a majority of guys are going to send anyway, so it allows them to really focus on quality. Cultivated by sustainable growers in Southern California, each rose arrives within hours of being cut in the field and is assessed, manicured and affixed with individual water tubes to ensure superior health. Roseshire keeps the roses under ideal conditions, handles them tenderly and places them in packaging designed to absorb shocks and protect against humidity.

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Online Florist Predicts Flowers Will Be a Popular Gift This Year

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An online florist has seen a changing face in how flowers are sold. By moving online, there has been a significant business increase. Additionally, it seems that people are buying flowers more regularly nowadays, rather than expensive other products. Furthermore, the store also offers floral accessories and other products, thereby attracting an even wider range of people, who prefer to have a one stop shop for all their floristry needs.

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Floral Fundamentals: The Modern Man’s Guide to Buying Flowers

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Men and flowers. They don’t mix, unless you happen to be unusually tuned in to your feminine side. For most men, though, choosing flowers is a difficult task. They don’t know much about them, and they don’t know enough about “girly things” to know what kind of flowers their significant other might like. Even when it comes to buying flowers for mom, most men just don’t know what to get. Here’s how to sort it all out.

What Is The Occasion?

Why are you buying flowers? You want to know this. If you’re buying them because you’re trying to make up or say “I’m sorry,” it’s going to influence the flower selection. Likewise, if you’re getting flowers for a first date you don’t want to send “sympathy flowers.”

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Men: Don’t Even Think About Getting These Valentine’s Day Gifts

Choosing the right gift for your wife can be a challenge if you’re not looking in the right place. But this doesn’t mean you settle down for anything. Valentine’s Day is special and your gift should be special. Here are a few gifts that you should avoid giving to your wife…

1. Stale Candy: Yes, candy is a big part of Valentine’s Day and it’s a common gift. However, if you’re going to give it, do it properly. It’s a bad idea to give a box with missing pieces, and a few other cracked open. You should always, always ensure that the candy you’re giving is new, fresh and tasty. Also, don’t forget to add flowers with the candy. You’ll find a good selection of flowers online to choose from.

2. Cheap Dinner: Valentine’s Day is when your woman expects you to treat her extra special. She wants you to take out in the best possible way, which is why dinner on cheap is a bad idea to start with. You can definitely put that change you found under the sofa to a better use. But for dinner, make sure you treat her royally.

3. A Virtual Gift: Yes virtual gifts are all rage and happening. People give them to each other all the time. But a virtual gift for Valentine’s Day? It’s a strict no-no! Whether you buy a picture of a lava lamp, or a graphical heart – the point is that virtual gifts don’t work for Valentine’s Day. Period.

4. A Stuffed Animal: Women expect you to buy them gifts that are especially bought for them. So when it comes to expressing your love to your woman, keep away from stuffed animals. Your wife is an adult and she has no use of a stuffed animal. The solution is to avoid giving any stuffed animals and instead focus on donating to a local charity as it makes for a thoughtful gift.

5. Racy Sleepwear: When you buy lingerie for your wife, you know it yourself that it’s a gift that’s more for you than her. It’s just another excuse to gift your woman some racy sleepwear. Valentine’s Day is is an occasion couples feel happy and want to remain together. It’s not a day to ask your partner to put on some lingerie so that she feels sexy.

6. A Local Gym Membership: Do not make the mistake of using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to suggest your Valentine that she can lose a few pounds. That’s right – women are highly self-conscious about their weight and you gifting a gym membership will only make it worse.

There you go! Six gifts that you should stay away from on Valentine’s Day if you want to make the most out of it.


Picture of the Day: Carrie surrounded by flowers

Here’s a colorful picture of Carrie to brighten up your day. This pretty blonde looks even better when surrounded by flowers. Her flower bikini matches the background as well.