7 Ways to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee


Cups of coffee are not created equally. Any coffee drinker can agree upon that. Aside from what type of device is used to brew the coffee, beans, name brands, added sugars, milk, and sweeteners attract debate.

So, how can one who is definitive about their love of coffee go about brewing the ‘perfect’ cup of coffee? Read on to learn more about the craft of brewing coffee.

Fresh Beans

Do you think a chef at a popular restaurant is okay with using dated meats and ingredients to craft their menu? Of course, they would be very selective in wanting only the freshest ingredients. Coffee drinkers are the same whether they know it or not. Fresh beans taste way better when brewed versus drinking grounds that have sat in a can for months on the grocer’s shelf.

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Starbucks Verismo Coffee Maker

Single serving coffee makers are all the rage, so you can expect to hear a lot about them this holiday season. Naturally they make great gift for many people on your gift list, from the busy professionals, young students to moms and dads.

We tested the new Verismo System by Starbucks and liked the system very much. Starbucks knows coffee, so any coffee maker with their brand name on it can be expected to meet a high level of quality, and the Verismo system lives up to that standard. As soon as you pull it out of the box you can tell that it’s well-made and beautifully designed as you can see from the photos above. It has a small footprint so it will fit in nicely on most kitchen counters without taking too much space.

We tested the 580 model pictured above, and a slightly larger and more advanced V-585 system is also available. The system is very easy to use, and all of the parts work seamlessly together. It’s easy to add water, clean by rinsing and also adjust the drip tray grate to adjust for different size cups. The machine warms up quickly in about 15 seconds so you can get your coffee fix right away when you need it.

The system uses pods like other single serving coffee makers, but here you use Starbucks pods that use the exact same coffee that Starbucks uses in their cafes and in their packaged coffee. The Verismo can be used to brew an espresso, regular brewed coffee, lattes and even an Americano. Instead of using milk, this system uses 100% natural dried milk pods so the lattes are very easy to make and you don’t have any messy cleanup. The results were impressive. The espresso in particular comes out great with the crema that espresso lovers expect and the taste is excellent. You can learn more about the available pods here.

Overall, this is a premium single serving coffee system that makes for a great gift idea.


Drink of the Week: Pumpkin Irish Coffee

Pumpkin Irish coffeeYes, I know, I haven’t covered real Irish coffee yet and here I am writing about a rather non-classic variation on same. I have my reasons. First, I want to acknowledge the start of Halloween Weekend 2011. Second, even in Southern Calfornia, the weather is finally cooling down and it’s time to run DOTW’s first ever warm beverage. Finally, more than traditional Irish coffee, this drink, promulgated by the good folks representing the reliably tasty Bailey’s Original Irish Creme, brings back many fond memories of countless youthful late night/early morning sessions of blackjack and craps fueled by even more countless rounds of allegedly free Baileys and coffee. How can you not love any drink combining the four basic food gambling trip food groups: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and fat. I was certainly happy to get a free bottle of the key non-coffee ingredient in the mail.

Anyhow, this version is a nice autumnal variation on the Baileys and java theme that adds a dash of something extra, but not a speck of actual pumpkin flavor.

Pumpkin Irish Coffee

2 ounces Irish cream
4 ounces strong coffee or espresso
1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
Whipped cream
3 espresso beans (optional garnish and/or snack if you want to get extra wired)

Combine Irish cream and pumpkin pie spice (a melange of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice, but no pumpkin) as best as you can in a small coffee cup. Pour in four ounces, or maybe a bit more, of freshly made and hopefully very hot coffee or espresso. Stir again, rather vigorously. Top with whipped cream and, if you want to get fancy, three espresso beans. Sip, and remember, whatever you do, don’t split 10s and never bet the farm on hard 8.


I actually altered this recipe somewhat, cutting down the pumpkin spice from a full teaspoon to just a half. While the spices definitely add an extremely nice flavor to the coffee and alcoholic cream combo, they also have proven to be somewhat resistant to dissolving, even with the hot coffee. The result is a sludgy residue at the bottom of the coffee cup that I didn’t love. Cutting the amount of pumpkin spice in half, however, has also resulted in cutting the residue down to acceptable levels. Using actual super-hot espresso from a machine might also help on that score. If you do so, certainly feel free to experiment with going full pumpkin.


A big chill in The Big Easy

Despite a winter storm that shut down a large portion of the country, Bullz-Eye was able to arrive in New Orleans on time thanks to some great work by our airlines! One of the other members of the “Game On” team wasn’t able to fly out of New York on Tuesday so our Drive to Dallas has been altered a bit with the drive now Starting on Thursday.

Now make no mistake the weather is cold in the Big Easy but the accommodations at the Westin and the great food can temper even the coldest of days. The Camellia Grill was a great spot for breakfast and the Manhattan omelet with hash browns was off the charts. If our group didn’t already eat enough we stopped by Cafe Du Monde for beignets and some café au lait! Unreal and only in New Orleans.

Last night we kicked things off with an incredible dinner at Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse. Fried oysters and seafood gumbo kicked off the meal, and tonight we’re hoping for some authentic New Orleans étouffée!

Bullz-Eye will hit the road in a 2011 Chrysler 200 tomorrow morning but first we’ll do some filming today so look out for plenty of content on our Drive to Dallas.