The ultimate tailgating party for the biggest game of the year

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Our overall experience at the Big Game was one we'll cherish for a long time, from the pre-game tailgating, the facilities in North Texas and one of the best championship games we can remember. From the time we left our hotel to our smartly placed pre-game tailgating location we knew it was going to be one memorable day in North Texas. The weather broke with the sun shining on football fans by the tens of thousands and our Chrysler 200 Game On team was right in the middle of the action. We were literally a few football passes away from Cowboys Stadium, and we watched the Green Bay and Pittsburgh fans walk by right from our patio area with a clear site of the stadium. Yes, the Chrysler 200 bloggers were right in the middle of the action!

The food at the tailgating event was about as good as it gets and we are always down for some great food and friends. The Chrysler team hooked us up with a great chef who prepared an amazing spread that included grilled duck tacos and Kobe beef sliders!

When it came time to enter Cowboys Stadium for the game the checkpoints were pushed so far out it took extra time to maneuver through the crowds. We were able to sneak in through one of the clearer entrances and it was Game On! The outside of Cowboys Stadium is a site to see in itself and with it dressed up in championship garb it was heaven for any football fan. The energy from all of the Green Bay and Pittsburgh fans was contagious and we can truly say it was everything we expected and more. Once you enter Cowboy Stadium the pure size of the building is jaw-dropping and when you add in the crazy huge indoor screens it sets the stage for probably the top football venue in the world. Some of the concourses could have been designed a little better for foot traffic, but Cowboys Stadium is the real deal and proved to be the ultimate venue for a championship game.

We soaked it all in, as Christina Aguilera flubbed the National Anthem to the visual spectacle of the Black Eyed Peas during the halftime show. But the best part was the game itself which will be remembered for years as we joined the 100,000 plus who saw the game live and the over 1 billion around the world who watched on TV as Green Bay took home the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy back to its namesake's pro football home. Both teams battled throughout but only one could wear the belt of a champion and in the end it was Green Bay. When we regrouped back at home base the Chrysler 200 team showed us the halftime commercial for the 2011 Chrysler 200 starring Detroiter Eminem. In the end, it was a thrill to be a part of introduction of the all-new 2011 Chrysler 200 and a game that brings the nation and the world together for one Sunday every year.


Tailgating with Chrysler outside Cowboys Stadium

Bullz-Eye is taligating with Chrysler outside of Cowboys Stadium! We’re having a great time and looking forward to the Big Game!

The set up here is amazing and Chrysler is showing off the 2011 Chrysler 200.


Game On in Dallas

Bullz-Eye arrived in Dallas Saturday morning to sunshine and a warm welcome from our fellow bloggers from the “Game On” Blogger road trip to the Big Game. We were stopped in our tracks Friday night in Ennis, Texas due to icy roads but the final 30 miles into Dallas were smooth and filled with anticipation. The Chrysler 200 delivered all the way for our 4th and final leg of the Drive to Dallas and we’re optimistic about the future of this new mid-sized sedan from Chrysler.

We’re seeing bulls everywhere we go in Dallas so we feel right at home (check out the photos above). Today we’ll be heading to a house in eyesight of Cowboys Stadium for a day-long tailgating event with the whole Chrysler 200 road trip team. Everyone had their own time in the 2011 Chrysler 200 during their leg of the trip with different obstacles and challenges to overcome, including some of the coldest winter weather of the season thus far! Now it all hits the top of the mountain with the Big Game tonight and we’re going to be a part of history.

This was a big logistical undertaking by the team at Chrysler and we thank them for allowing to be a part of something special and very fun. Look for plenty of video from our Drive to Dallas road trip to be posted very soon so you can get an inside look at our very interesting experience.

Now it’s all on Green Bay and Pittsburgh to battle it out in what should be an game!


Stuck in Ennis, Texas

We’re stuck in Ennis, Texas . . .! We’re 30 miles from Dallas and Bullz-Eye and the other “Game On” Bloggers are stopped in our Chrysler 200s just outside of the Big “D” because of icy road conditions. With the Big Game just a few days away on Friday night, there were virtually no road crews out on Interstate but plenty of police cars (in rear wheel drive Ford Crown Vics) assisting those poor souls who were sliding off the highway left and right. We witnessed one vehicle going in the opposite direction cross a wide center beam and crashing into the guard rail in an amazing loss of control (Brad from has the photo here). That happened about 20 miles from where we were shut down. We wanted to keep going but we didn’t have a choice. Would it have been that hard for Dallas officials to find salt trucks from up North once they knew the weather reports?

Earlier in the day we visited the Texas Junk store in Houston where a guy named Bob sells used (that’s right . . . “used”) cowboy boots from all over the country. Bob was a great host and stays pretty busy for someone who keeps his store open only two days per week. Nice work Bob!

The roads out of Houston were really no issue for our convoy of vehicles so we stopped for a great lunch at Taqueria Y Restaurant where the service and Tex Mex food were just what we were craving. A few hours later we were unpacking at the Holiday Inn Xpress in Ennis, but if the weather improves as forecasted we’ll be back in our 2011 Chrysler 200s early Saturday for our long awaited arrival in Dallas. In the meantime our fellow bloggers including The Bachelor Guy will hold it down in Dallas until Bullz-Eye rolls in.

As much as we wish we were reporting from Dallas our team is safe for the night and getting really pumped up for the Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh showdown on Sunday!


Starting the road trip to Dallas with the Chrysler 200

After a fun night hitting some of the legendary establishments in New Orleans, Bullz-Eye hit the road Thursday morning as part of the Game On Drive to Dallas for the Big Game. The morning started with some filming and logistical set up and we were ready to go. We left New Orleans around 9am for Houston in our 2011 Chrysler 200 with another media team in tow with Brad from and Heather from in the second car and we were rollin’ down Interstate 10 our new friends! The weather was of course cold and wet but that didn’t damper the excitement of driving the new Chrysler 200 en route to Dallas.

We were very impressed with the vehicle. The interior of the new 200 was very comfortable and stylish with plush leather seats with exposed stitching and an elegant but practical dashboard. All of the controls were easy to use as we enjoyed the satellite radio while using the GPS. The V6 had some kick to it and that made the ride fun, and the car handled great on the wet roads.

After about 2 1/2 hours on the road we stopped for lunch at Fezzo’s outside of Lafayette and guess what – more oysters! The food and service was excellent and it gave us a chance to take a break before we hit the road again. After playing some football catch with Phil and the production team we jumped back in the Chrysler 200 and cranked up some Springsteen. The weather wasn’t much better when we crossed state lines into Texas and our side view mirrors had chunks of ice on them. This stuff isn’t supposed to happen in Texas! We made it to the Magnolia Hotel in Houston around 5pm and were met by strong winds and freezing rain. After more filming we chilled out for awhile and actually tried to get some work done as that stuff piles up when you’re on the road.

Now that we were in Texas, we naturally had to find some serious barbeque for dinner. We hit the jackpot at Beaver’s BBQ in Houston and the Bar Bar and smoked beef ribs were excellent and went down nicely with some beers. We’re looking forward to more delicious Texas cuisine as we roll into Dallas.

So far the Drive to Dallas is going great despite the chilly weather. The roads between Houston and Dallas are frozen but it’s supposed to warm up a little for the weekend so hopefully we’ll be back on the road soon. We have a huge party planned for the day of the Big Game so the buzz is building for the biggest spectacle on earth!