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Stuck in Ennis, Texas

We’re stuck in Ennis, Texas . . .! We’re 30 miles from Dallas and Bullz-Eye and the other “Game On” Bloggers are stopped in our Chrysler 200s just outside of the Big “D” because of icy road conditions. With the Big Game just a few days away on Friday night, there were virtually no road crews out on Interstate but plenty of police cars (in rear wheel drive Ford Crown Vics) assisting those poor souls who were sliding off the highway left and right. We witnessed one vehicle going in the opposite direction cross a wide center beam and crashing into the guard rail in an amazing loss of control (Brad from SportsGrid.com has the photo here). That happened about 20 miles from where we were shut down. We wanted to keep going but we didn’t have a choice. Would it have been that hard for Dallas officials to find salt trucks from up North once they knew the weather reports?

Earlier in the day we visited the Texas Junk store in Houston where a guy named Bob sells used (that’s right . . . “used”) cowboy boots from all over the country. Bob was a great host and stays pretty busy for someone who keeps his store open only two days per week. Nice work Bob!

The roads out of Houston were really no issue for our convoy of vehicles so we stopped for a great lunch at Taqueria Y Restaurant where the service and Tex Mex food were just what we were craving. A few hours later we were unpacking at the Holiday Inn Xpress in Ennis, but if the weather improves as forecasted we’ll be back in our 2011 Chrysler 200s early Saturday for our long awaited arrival in Dallas. In the meantime our fellow bloggers including The Bachelor Guy will hold it down in Dallas until Bullz-Eye rolls in.

As much as we wish we were reporting from Dallas our team is safe for the night and getting really pumped up for the Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh showdown on Sunday!