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Beers for the holidays

There are all kinds of drinks that make the holidays special and more enjoyable, but for many of us a good beer will always do the trick. Our beer aficionado Mike Barkacs put together a list of 5 holiday beers to consider as you stock up for the holiday weekend. His favorite is Corsendonk Christmas Ale:

I love Belgian beer any time of the year, so I had to have one on the list. I could have easily had five. The Corsendonk fits the Christmas beer mold perfectly. It is big, malty and complex. Just tons of flavor from every direction, but nicely balanced, as you’d expect from these guys. There is fruit, spice, grain and a healthy kick of alcohol. My only quibble, and it is minor, is there is maybe a touch too much anise in it for my licorice hating taste buds. Otherwise, it’s close to perfect. They spice it up, but there is so much more going on in this beer, that all the spice doesn’t feel overblown.

Whatever your preference, drink up, be safe and enjoy your holiday!