Adam Pally wants you to touch his beard: An interview with the newest Philips Norelco spokesman


He’s inhaled the sweet scent of Elisha Cuthbert and worked alongside one of the funniest women in the business with Mindy Kaling. What is Adam Pally’s secret, you ask? His sex-drenched beard. Yes, a beard dripping in sex, that has recently been trimmed and styled by the Click and Style from Philips Norelco.

The star of revered sitcom “Happy Endings” and the newest piece of man-meat on Kaling’s “The Mindy Show” is here to “shave” a secret with you.

That secret? The Philips Norelco Click & Style is a complete all-in-one system equipped with three attachments that are easy to click on and off for shaving, styling and grooming.

We spoke to Pally about his, ahem, “partnership” with Philips Norelco, days spent poolside imbibing on Mad Dog 20/20 and why Elisha Cuthbert is to blame for the untimely death of “Happy Endings.”

What’s up buddy? What are you doing?

“I am talking to you right now. And grooming my beard.”

Well, it doesn’t look like it needs much grooming if you know what I mean. It’s perfect.

“Oh, well, thanks to the Norelco Click & Style, dawg.”

Is it weird to have another man tell you how great your beard and/or hair is?

“No, no. I mean, I know that’s one of my strengths.”

Well then, let me tell you how great your beard and/or hair is.

“Oh, thanks man. But what does make it weird is your extremely slow and creepy delivery.”

I just wanted to make sure you were picking up what I was puttin’ down, if you smell me?

“No, no I don’t.”

So, how did you hook up with Philips Norelco? 

“I had been using the Click & Style, because I am such a hairy beast with so much Israeli blood, on “Happy Endings” and “The Mindy Project” and was familiar with it. They said they were making some funny videos and it sounded like fun.”

The “Game of Bros” is pretty awesome, bro.

“I was in a frat when I was in college; I’m not afraid to admit that. Philips had come up with the concept and they had a fun part for me, and it was a super fun time.”

Talk about your time on “Happy Endings” and the time between the end of that show into “The Mindy Project.”

“‘Happy Endings’ was a great time, it was fun. I love all those guys and see them all the time, talk to them all the time. There really wasn’t much time between when ‘Happy Endings’ ended and ‘The Mindy Project’ started. It was a lucky series of events where I was lucky enough to be wanted.”

What did you do in the interim? Just hang out and drink Mad Dog 20/20 all day or what?

“Yeah, I hung out and drank Mad Dog 20/20 all day until my blood sugar was through the roof. My liver is failing. My tongue and cheeks are permanently green. But it was chill, it was chill.”

Was filming “Happy Endings” even like work?

“No, it was a great time, like hanging out with five of the funniest people you know all day.”

Who do we blame for “Happy Endings” getting the axe? How do we find them and how do we extract justice?  

“Elisha. I blame Cuthbert. I just think she could’ve worked a little harder. She knows where she could’ve put in a little more effort; I’ll say that.”

Ahhhh, Elisha…I’m going to use this as a segue to a video of her in the piece.

“Do you, man.”

Is there ever a situation, on stage or on-screen, when you get nervous anymore?

“Oh yes, all the time, every time, I am always nervous.”

You wouldn’t guess that.

“Well, I’m Jewish.”

What else are you doing that we can we look forward to besides your beard, sponsored by Philips Norelco? 

“I go back to ‘Mind’y in a couple days, Season Three comes out soon. I did a couple indie films over the summer so hopefully they’ll find a home at some of the festivals. Other than that, just writin’ and workin’.”

For more information on the Click & Style, visit the site here, and to get up to date on “Game of Bros,” follow this link.