Product Review: HUE Pomade


Did you know that pomade was developed in the 19th century and was originally made of bear fat? Into the 20th century, the most common ingredients featured lard, beeswax and petroleum jelly.

Pomade in its original form was as natural as any hair product in history. But as styles changed, so did the demands expected of pomade, which caused heavier, less natural incarnations to be developed.  

Royal Crown Hair Dressing and Murray’s Pomade are examples of pomade born out of this development and period in history. The effect of those products was the slick, greased back look popular in the 1950s and was heavily dependent on petroleum jelly, its main ingredient.

The word pomade is from the French word “pommade,” which means “ointment,” and derived from the Latin word “pomum,” which meant “apple.” The original recipe for pomade featured apples, which explains the consistency and feel that men have come to expect over time, though it has also become less organic.

The pomade from HUE is a return to the original style of pomade, because it has a natural feel and consistency.

In terms of texture, it felt more like cocoa butter than any regular pomade. This isn’t the kind of pomade with super-sticking holding power that will last for a week after one application. There is no silicone or petroleum in this product, which means it isn’t as stringent or hard as what we have come to expect from pomade.

The scent is also a return to form. While there isn’t much of a scent, what can be detected has a fruity, almost citrus smell.

When first applying HUE, I used only a dab, which is what I would use with a standard pomade. As a result, the holding power was limited. So when I applied more the next day, I doubled the amount and it gave me the hold I was looking for.

By the end of the day, my hair wasn’t  frozen in the same position it was roughly nine hours earlier. I could run my fingers through it at any point and it felt light and free.  

Since HUE is so light and malleable, it can be used by men with any type of hair (coarse, thin, thick, etc.) regardless of their ethnicity. With products, and in particular pomade, that are naturally derived, free of silicon and free of petroleum. Hue offers hair care options “for every man.”

Check out the pomade and full line of products from HUE at


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Denver Broncos All-Pro Wes Welker talks Old Spice, Stingers and NOT Peyton Manning or Tom Brady


Wes Welker is a player that any fan can relate to, which is what makes him such a great pitch-man for Old Spice and the new “Unnecessary Freshness” campaign. But when you look at Welker’s career and laundry list of  accomplishments, it becomes apparent that you are looking at the body of work befitting a future NFL Hall of Famer.

Two Super Bowl appearances as a cog in the most productive offense in NFL history. Five Pro Bowls. League leader in receptions three times.  Most seasons with 100+ receptions in NFL history (5). Most receptions in Patriots history.

Welker even holds the Dolphins’ all-time records for total kickoff returns, kickoff return yardage and total punt returns. Only one player in NFL history, Gale Sayers, had more all-purpose yards in his first three NFL seasons than Welker did with the Dolphins. Legendary NFL head coach Marty Schottenheimer has called cutting Welker from the Chargers in 2004 “the biggest mistake (he) ever made.”

I spoke to Wes about his career and his experience working with Old Spice.

Wes, how the hell are you?

Good, good everything is great.

Right off the bat, I’m not going to ask you any questions about comparing Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, okay?

Okay, (laughing) sounds great man. I’ve had so many of those lately it’s almost normal.

First, I’d like to address a rumor that I heard. Kim Kardashian and Kayne West recently had a baby and named it North West. I actually heard that they named it after you, Wes Welker, because you run north and south predominantly and of course, your name is Wes. Is that true?

That is the first I have ever heard of that. So, I think you have to go to them on that one, but that would be pretty interesting.

They’re pretty well insulated so I’m just going to take your word for it.

Yeah, you can, feel free. Who knows?

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Irritated? Tweet @EdgeShaveZone and win prizes


As a man, what’s your biggest irritant? And even more specifically, what’s the biggest source of irritation in the city you reside? Edge Shave Gel took the time to figure both out.

Today marks the return of Edge Irritation Solutions, a campaign designed to relieve irritations for men one tweet at a time. First launched in 2010, the Edge Irritation Solutions campaign struck a chord with irritated Twitter users around the country by providing clever, real-time irritation relief to people venting their frustrations online.

Edge Shave Gel released the Edge Anti-Irritation Index, a study of geographical influences on irritation that uncovered the most irritating cities for guys in the United States. From high costs of pro sports tickets to lack of available single women, these cities provide men with constant sources of irritation:

1. Chicago – The Windy City may soon become the Whiney City; it came out on top for being the most irritating city for job seekers, with high unemployment and few available positions.

2. New York – The city that never sleeps may have lots of nightlife options, but New York’s extremely high rent brings it to the top of the irritation list.

3. Baltimore – Despite a high ranking in sports team success as home of football champions, a high crime rate makes this an irritating city for guys.

4. Philadelphia – A lack of fitness options combined with chilly winter weather pushes Philly into the top five.

5. Atlanta – The high price of tickets and poor team performance make this an irritating city for sports fans.

6. Los Angeles – With one of the highest male-to-female ratios of any U.S. city, L.A. is an irritating place for men looking for love.

7. Detroit – Guys in Detroit will have an irritating time planning date nights since this city lacks nightlife options.

8. Houston – Terrible traffic and a sprawling layout makes Houston an irritating city for residents on the move.

9. Washington D.C. – With some of the highest crime rates in the country and pro sports teams that seem to never make the playoffs, D.C. is a capital of irritation.

10. Boston – Extremely high rent and expensive pro sports ticket prices make Boston an irritating city for guys’ wallets.

In order to ease men’s frustrations, Edge Shave Gel, a brand that pioneered irritation relief with a collection of moisturizing and protecting shave gels, will offer prizes to irritated citizens one tweet at a time through @EdgeShaveZone.

Don’t see your city listed? Tweet @EdgeShaveZone and let Edge know what really gets under your skin.

For more information, visit Edge on Twitter @EdgeShaveZone or on Facebook at


John McEnroe Partners with Dove + Men’s Care for 2013 ING New York City Marathon

Dove John McEnroe

Thomas Edison famously said, “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” If tennis legend John McEnroe and Dove Men’s + Care have their way, those numbers will be 100% inspiration and 0% perspiration, particularly at this year’s 2013 New York City Marathon.

McEnroe is serving as “Anti-Irritation” coach to the Dove Men+Care Marathon team, a group of five runners that elected to run with 48-hour anti-irritation protection on their side. The best part is, readers can enter DOVE’s contest to run the marathon and occupy the team’s two final spots!

Johnny Mac will be ready to chide, deride and humiliate the members of DOVE Men + Care 2013 NYC Marathon team and you could potentially be dehumanized by the most historically significant US tennis player of all-time.

“With me being the irritable type, the product we’re working with at DOVE  made sense,” he said in a recent interview.

John only wants the best for you, and his level of apparent irritation as he trails you with a bullhorn is only spewed at that sad-sack that you refer to as a “body” because he’s irritated; irritated at inferior men’s skin cleaning products.

“I know a thing or two about irritation and I am giving these guys tips so they can make it to the final mile without any distractions,” says McEnroe.

While Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant/Deodorant has anti-irritating underarm care covered, McEnroe is tackling physical and emotional irritation on the road, starting with a series of humorous shorts:

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Product Review: Smooth Naturals Moisturizer

You’re 30 years old — you’re not seriously going to consider using Noxzema again, are you?

You’re a man now. And since you’re a man, your use of Noxzema should’ve gone the way of Teen Lines, Debbie Gibson and friendship bracelets… 20 years ago.

Don’t know what to use to moisturize that dried out piece of roast beef that looks like it’s seen the rise and fall of a million suns, AKA your face skin?  Well, dummy, it’s not hard to figure out. If my neighbor Bill can figure it out, that means you can too.

Bill is a man’s man. He operates a crane for a commercial construction company. Sometimes he has to sit in the crane for so long, hundreds of feet in the air, that he has to bring an empty bottle to piss in because once he’s up there, he’s fuckin up there. This is a man we’re talking about here, guys, not dudes like you or I — a fuckin MAN.

So, the other day, I’m leaning on my chain-link fence between our yards, talking to Bill and we’re smoking, and he says to me, “Paul, in less than a year I’m gonna be 60 years old. Can you believe that?”

I say to Bill, “Hell nah, man. I don’t believe you.”

Bill seriously looks 40, tops. You would never guess that shit.

“Oh yeah buddy, I could easily be your dad,” he says. “But that’s not my point. My point is this: you wanna age gracefully, you gotta use moisturizer. Paul, I wouldn’t shit you.”

“As you age, your body generates less and less of everything, but in this particular example, your face generates less and less oil, so your skin dries out faster and stays dry longer than when you are young.”

Bill casually put out his cigarette with two fingers and flicked it into the street.

“So, that means as you get older, you’ve got to start using moisturizer. A lotta guys don’t figure that out until it’s too late.”

“Whoa,” I said, flummoxed at all the new data entering my brain, synapses firing away. “I have been such a fool.”

With that, Bill hopped on his Harley and sped off into the crisp, clean, early Saturday night evening air.

The next day, I checked the mail and a small package arrived from Smooth Naturals. And guess what was in the package? MOISTURIZER.

The mentholated smell in said moisturizer from Smooth Naturals was outstanding, almost as good as a menthol cigarette at dawn. I didn’t know whether to smoke it or apply it to my face.

After I applied it to my skin, the tingly sensation of a billion tiny menthol fingers cascaded across my face and sent a chill down my spine.

I can only hope that when I’m 60, I look as good as Bill.

For more information, check out the Smooth Naturals Facebook page.


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