Being a Gentleman: Beyond the looks


Wearing a suit? A tie? A fedora, maybe? Do your shoes constantly shine? Are you a perfect example of how a gentleman should look? In this case, you’ve taken the first step toward becoming one. Because being a gentleman is not about the looks. Well, it is in part, but looks are not the most important in this case. The word itself is composed of “gentle,” which refers to your character, and “man,” which refers to more than just your gender. Let me give you a few tips on what makes a true gentleman, because as Vin Diesel said, “Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice.”

A gentleman is chivalrous

To be one, you have to behave like one. Especially in your interactions with the opposite sex. Many of today’s women (note that I didn’t refer to them as “ladies”) consider chivalry to be dead, but you can prove them wrong easily. Start with the basics: hold the door open for her, rise when she enters the room, give up your seat, help her with her coat, and so on.

A gentleman has good manners

First and foremost, be punctual. This is the first telltale sign of being a gentleman. Never be rude, not to servers, not to bartenders, not to anyone. And when you are with her, make her feel like you are present. No matter how attractive the games at would be, don’t keep fondling your phone; instead, make sure to listen to what she has to say.

Needless to say, you’ll have to mind your table manners when dining out with her.

A gentleman shows initiative

When his significant other asks about her clothes, a gentleman will never reply with, “Whichever you like,” but instead has an actual opinion and is not afraid to express it. Initiative and planning are two of the most attractive traits of a gentleman. No, “Let’s meet, we’ll see where the evening goes,” and certainly no, “Whatever.” When going out with her, make sure you have a plan. Make reservations but have a backup plan too, because you’re a gentleman, not a soothsayer, after all.

But most importantly, be a man

Although many of today’s women say otherwise, they like to feel safe with their man. They like to know they can depend on him and trust him. And this is a trait no gentleman should miss.

A man will always keep a secret and will always keep his word. A man will screw up sometimes – nobody’s perfect, after all – but he will admit his failures and be strong enough to apologize for them.

Being a man is not about muscles, facial hair or other types of machismo, but rather about being a dependable, trustworthy and strong person all the time.