Passenger Protection: Icon has the gear needed to keep the person on the back of the bike safe

The dream of motorcycling is an open road, a rumbling exhaust, and a supermodel on the back with flowing blonde hair. With this image in mind, you buy a bike and then go on the lookout for a companion for the back. Often times, you may be successful, but although your girl’s high heels and dress may be suitable for a night out, they aren’t for riding a bike. So, what’s a person to do? Icon has the solution. They make the gear that your girlfriend will not only want to wear, but will keep her safe too.

There is extra pressure when someone is your passenger, but that’s no excuse not to include them. Riding pillion opens your significant other to the why behind the ride. They can experience for themselves the rush of riding a bike. We don’t just buy bikes because they are good to look at, but others don’t understand how fun they can be if they don’t experience it for themselves. Plus, once your passenger is comfortable, there will be no need to take the car out. They’ll be begging for the bike. But first, make sure they’re properly geared up.

Helmets for Her

For helmets, they have a variety of liveries and designs with females in mind. For this test, we used an Alliance helmet. You may recognize this piece from the last article we did, reason being is that it is a perfect all-around helmet for street use. It’s cheap, it’s protective and it’s light. This time around, we picked an Alliance helmet that has been slathered in Barbie pink from front to back.

The design is Chrysalis, but from my girlfriend’s reaction, they should call it OMG PINK!!! If your girlfriend is the glitter and pink type, get the helmet. It’s Disney princess approved and offers the same protection and comfort as the helmet on your head too.

Plus, the design will make her want to wear a full-face helmet. No complaints about their hair getting messed up, or how hot it may be. Get a design they like, pink or not, and they will want to wear the lid. Girlfriend’s not a pink fan? Have her pick out a design from the dozen of choices Icon has.

Suit Her Up

Icon’s jacket choices take their female options past just making it pink, however. Case in point: the One Thousand Federal Jacket. Part of the One Thousand collection, this jacket leaves off flashy graphics and logos for a subdued, vintage vibe. All leather, this jacket is more Black Widow than Disney Princess. The best part is that the jacket has D3O armor in the shoulders, elbows and back.

For those unfamiliar, D3O is a special type of foam that is soft when at rest, but upon impact, firms up. Because of the dual nature of the material, the armor can be slimmer and more comfortable – just another example of form and function combining at last.

Remember to get you girlfriend involved in the decision process, though. For as much as I loved the jacket, my girlfriend found it heavy and ungainly. Forgetting that she isn’t used to motorcycle gear, it will take her some time to adjust, but comfort is a top priority in order to keep your passengers to feel confident on the bike. That’s why she loves her Contra jacket that is lighter, made of fabric, but does not offer the D3O.

The One Thousand Federal is a premier motorcycle jacket with a cost to match, but you don’t need to spend a lot to make your girlfriend happy. She’ll be happy with the gear she chooses rather than the choice you give her.

The Extras That Make a Difference

Helmets and jackets are important, but it’s the extra little bits that make a huge difference for riders. For example, the Sacred Tall boots are a mid-calf option that offers protection and excellent looks. Their slim profile allows the wearer to tuck jeans into the boot or out without looking too bulky. It’s the little things like this that make the gear protective and good looking enough so the wearer wants to use them.

Pursuit gloves are another example. They are not full gauntlets (they are available), but offer protection for the knuckles and have a reinforced palm. Finish off the outfit with a pair of Hella Heartbreakers and your passenger will be full protected while still looking suitable for a night out.

Final Tips

Remember, a passenger may not be familiar with the dynamics of riding a motorcycle, so be smooth. No wheelies, stoppies or drag launches; you are not impressing her, only scaring the living shit out of her. Good luck getting lucky if you nearly give your date a heart attack.

Also, include her in the gear selection process; she will be wearing it after all. The gear she likes the look of will be the gear she wants to wear, but don’t let her scrimp on the protection for the sake of looks. And this is where Icon’s product line shines. Their gear is both protective and looks good. Plus, they don’t treat girls like one homogenous group. Some love pink, others are more punk, and Icon offers plenty of choices for your passenger’s preferences.

Riding bitch is an unfairly harsh term for riding on the back of a bike. In many ways, it takes more courage to ride on the back of the bike than to ride it yourself. Not only do you have no control, but you also must fully trust the rider to not do anything stupid as they try to impress you. Not to mention, many modern bikes give you little more than a passenger seat the size of a deck of cards to sit on. Riding bitch is courageous stuff; protect your passengers accordingly with gear from Icon and they’ll thank you later.