Trim that back hair with the MANGROOMER

Want an easy way to get rid of that back hair? There are all sorts of trimmers out there to help you with your manscaping, but few of them make it easy to handle the hard-to-reach areas on your back. That’s a problem, as back hair ranks up there as one of the biggest turnoffs for women. We tried out the new MANGROOMER, and this do-it-yourself electric back hair shaver is incredibly easy to use.

You can see the ingenious design from the photo about. The MANGROOMER simply folds out to give you an easy tool that reaches every part of your back. Just reach around your side or over your shoulder and you’ll be shocked by how easy this is to use. It also feels good on the skin as it neatly trims off the hair on your back.

With summer around the corner it’s time to get in shape, and now that also includes doing the little things to make you look better. Getting rid off that excess back hair will make you look much better, and now you have the tool to take care of it.

Check out their website for more information on the MANGROOMER and other grooming products for guys, along with their Facebook page and Twitter account.


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Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet for Avengers Assemble

Scarlett Johansson. (London, England)

Get ready for the summer movie season! Here’s the stunning Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet for the “Avengers Assemble” movie that should be one of the big winners in the summer box office. All of the fan boys and teenagers will be lining up for this one as Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and Black Widow get ready to unite and save the planet.

In one sense, this whole superhero thing is getting out of control. How many times can we watch the same basic plot for these films all loaded up with CGI. They’re already rebooting Spiderman! In many ways it’s just a cash grab. Fortunately, many of the movies have been solid, so at least fans are having fun along the way.

At least we have Scarlett Johansson. She offers the perfect eye candy for the film, as her all-natural figure still thrills fans around the world. There’s no CGI needed with her. A women would have to get the sexiest boob job ever to compete with the assets that Scarlett got for having great genes.

The good thing is that more young hotties are embracing the superhero resurgence, as the whole cosplay world is exploding. Young women can now dress up as Black Widow or other hot super babes and get a lot of attention from guys, and not just the ones obsessed with these movies. It also offers plenty of Halloween ideas beyond the hot nurse or sexy cat outfits!


Power outage in Southern California

Los Angeles Angels Albert Pujols. UPI/John Angelillo

Fantasy baseball is one of the original time-killers. The web has since exploded with all sorts of online games and fantasy sports. Tons of people are addicted to poker online and you can also play online bingo from Smartphones and apps have also taken a ton of gamer interest, and fantasy football has also surpassed fantasy baseball for many sports fans.

That said, tons of sports fans still play fantasy baseball, and right now the Albert Pujols situation has tons of virtual team owners getting anxious, not to mention the actual fans of the Los Angeles Angles.

Albert Pujols was the king of St. Louis. He won a World Series and was about to sign a monster contract. But that wasn’t good enough. Despite being offered millions by the mid-market team that had been his home for years, Pujols and his wife felt “disrespected” by the offers from the Cardinals. I guess in pure dollar terms they were right, as the owner of the Angels offered him a ridiculous contract to leave the Cardinals and come out to sunny SoCal to play for the Angels.

But with all that money comes serious pressure, and so far the mighty Pujols isn’t delivering. He doesn’t have a single home run yet as he and the team suffer from a brutal start to the season. Now none of us expect this to last, as he’s adjusting to a new league. He has the talent to break out at any time. But Angels fans and fantasy team owners have to be getting nervous. He’s 32 years old and has to be feeling the pressure. Now with each game the pressure mounts.

Of course all this can change quickly. Pujols is a beast and he could go on a tear. But in the early Major League Baseball season, this is one of the early storylines getting attention, along with the mess in Boston of course.


First Drive: 2013 Acura RDX

At first glance the new Acura RDX may not seem entirely new, but underneath the revised sheet metal lies an entirely new car. Not only is it new, but it has been reconfigured for the customers that actually bought the original one. The first RDX was meant for young, aggressive A-type personalities, but this one is meant for the aging boomers that actually bought the car. However, that doesn’t mean that this car is any worse for it.

Refined Looks

To attract the young go-getters, the first-gen RDX was chiseled and sharp. But older professionals aren’t known for their edgy styling and forward thinking outfits. Because of this, the new RDX has been softened all around. Gone are the chiseled shoulder lines and aggressive taillight treatments, and in their places are rounder, friendlier items. The result is a more refined, professional image that fits this compact CUV nicely. It no longer looks like it’s trying too hard to act tough.

The story stays the same in the interior. Material quality is the same as before, but the interior design has benefitted from a mellowing out. It also comes very well equipped at any trim package, but navigation is not standard. The upgrade is well worth it for the ESL stereo system though. Even if grandpa isn’t going to be blasting dubstep while out on errands, he will appreciate the low range punch and high range clarity of the upgraded system.

New Powerplant for a New Personality

The original RDX, to fit their target market, was a jittery mess. Its turbo four and SH-AWD system combined to make the car eager to chase apexes, but never settled down and enjoyed the ride. With a new motor, drivetrain, chassis and suspension, the RDX has been taken off Ritalin and finally learned to calm down. The major change is the switch to a V6 instead of the old turbo 4. This 3.5L unit delivers more power (273hp) but is smoother and more relaxing than the frantic old mill. The 6-speed transmission has also been revised to prioritize smoothness over quickness.

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First Drive: 2013 Acura ILX

Small Acuras have always held a special place in the automotive pantheon. Small, nimble and always ready to be wrung out, they delivered a premium driving experience without the premium cost. The Integra and RSX were thesis statements for what the Acura brand stood for: technologically advanced, fun to drive, and a great value for the money. The new ILX is the newest small Acura, and although not a true successor, it looks like it will continue Acura’s brand mission.


The ILX shares a platform with the Civic, like the Integra and RSX did, but it does not look as differentiated as its predecessors. Acura took great pains to change the look though. The windshield was brought forward and raked farther back; the nose of the car has less overhang; and scalloped sides were added, not to mention the premium touches added such as the headlights, taillights, and metallic surrounds around the windows.

But although it looks completely different than its platform mate, it’s just not distinctive enough for a near premium car. The Integra and RSX could be spotted from across a parking lot because of their distinctive look; looks that drew in a generation of car enthusiasts. The ILX does not – it is attractive, but not in a way that will tug at the heartstrings.


Acura spent a great deal of attention on the interior of the ILX to give it a premium feel over the Civic as well. Acura started out with the concept of a “cockpit” to make the driver feel connected and the passenger comfortable. To do this, Acura designers created two character lines on the dash on each side. The result, they believe, was to give it a sporty but mature character. Without hearing their motives behind the design, you may not notice it, but it can surely be felt while sitting in the car.

Fit of the interior is also top notch, but material quality falls flat. Some of the materials are soft touch, including the dash, but the buttons on the console and the plastic trim are brittle and harsh. Some of the detailing also falls short. For example, Acura saw fit to give the ILX the connectivity system a TFT screen, but didn’t see fit to upgrade the graphics from something seen on the N64. The interface works well, but its design is straight out of much older cars.

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