10 things you don’t know about Simona Fusco

Simona Fusco is a beautiful actress who was born in Europe and raised in Milano, Italy and Vienna, Austria. We asked Simona to share 10 personal things about herself, so keep these in mind in case you’re ever lucky enough to run into this Italian beauty . . .

1 – I am a big meat eater. I especially love raw meat.

2 – I love everything about the outdoors, especially hiking.

3 – On one hand I love skiing, but on the other I also love tropical beaches.

4 – I prefer my men to be quirky.

5 – I prefer my men to be old fashioned gentlemen in their manners.

6 – I love nothing more than a man in uniform, especially policemen and soldiers.

7 – I am a big gun and car fanatic!

8 – My all time secret wish has been to own a ranch.

9 – I have ALWAYS wanted to be a lawyer instead of an actress.

10 – The biggest things that turns me on are a sweet smile and unguarded, sincere emotions.

Photos by Brian B. Hayes


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2011 Chevy Cruze Eco Gallery

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Friday Video – All Mankind, “Break the Spell”

We’re still trying to figure out exactly how the word ‘steampunk’ had eluded us for so long. The short answer is because we don’t read as much as we’d like to (covering music, movies, TV and sports will do that to a person), but either way, once we saw that Chicago band Hey Champ closed their (awesome) 2010 album Star with a song called “Steampunk Camelot,” we suddenly saw the word everywhere. Like, say, in the subject header for the email promoting this band’s strange new video.

This is the only song we’ve heard from All Mankind, but we dig the vibe, a blend of Muse’s theatrics and Crowded House’s pop instincts. And the latter makes sense, since the band is from Australia. (Yes, Neil Finn is from New Zealand, but close enough for jazz.) The video is pretty sweet, too. It reminds us of the 2009 animated film “9,” only better. And for those who want to hear Hey Champ’s “Steampunk Camelot” — and if you’re at all a fan of Drama-era Yes or the Buggles, you do not want to miss this — click here. Rock on.


Happy Cinco de Mayo from Bullz-Eye.com

Cinco de Mayo is one of our favorite holidays for all the reasons you might expect. The focus is on drinking and fun, so it ranks up there with St. Patrick’s Day as a holiday that’s easy to enjoy.

We thought that a gallery of photos of the beautiful and voluptuous Cristy Mendivil would be a perfect way to celebrate the holiday here on the site and get you ready to have some fun tonight. Cristy is an amazing model of Mexican heritage, and we’re pretty sure she’s gearing up for a fun night as well! The photos above feature Cristy in some sexy bikinis and lingerie from her original Girl Next Door shoot and her Blast from the Past shoot. If you like beautiful Latin women, check out our gallery of hot Latin models as well.

Also, check out our Cinco de Mayo e-card app, where you can have some fun planning your evening with your friends. So order up some premium tequila like Cabo Wabo and get ready for a wild night. There’s nothing like tequila to get the party going!