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5 Tips for Being the Ultimate Uber Partner


Uber is an interesting company that is making strides in the personal and professional transportation industry. Simply stated, Uber gets people from one place to another quickly and cheaply. For a century or longer people have hailed taxi cabs. Today, savvy techies hail a personal ride from an Uber driver partner.
Here are some tips for being the ultimate Uber partner.

1. Using the System

One of the things that makes Uber special is the autonomy that drivers have over their job satisfaction. This is a system that rewards hard work and professionalism. The hard work is simply making riders happy with the service they receive. Even as an independent partner, you have control over many aspects of the Uber opportunity. Riders appreciate getting driver partners whose previous riders have given them high ratings.

2. The Difference Between Customers

Driver partners who stay busy focus on quality. Although Uber’s system works on supply and demand within the partner’s geographic area, riders rate their experience with each partner, and that feedback allows other riders in the area to feel at ease.

A good tip from Uber partners is to learn how to have conversations with all types of people. Some partners have five or ten topics that they freely discuss with clients. The idea is that the more engaged a rider is, the more likely he or she is to give you a high rating. Keep in mind that not all riders will want to be engaged or start a conversation, so it’s always a good idea to feel out if the rider is up for it.

3. Dress for the Job You Want

Even if this is a part-time gig, dress up a bit. People are more relaxed when those they deal with look professional rather than looking too casual. Looking nice never hurts and almost always helps a situation.

Independent contractor positions are available and Uber is always looking for partners. If you want to earn extra money or make a career change, Uber might be just the place for you.

4. Keep Your Car Looking Professional Too

Driver partners with a clean car find the best success. What this means is that while your vehicle is your world, when you invite someone to ride with you, your car becomes their world too. Make sure the car is clean inside and out. A little deodorizer helps too. Just remember that some people are allergic to fragrances, so keep it lite when you use cologne or car fresheners.

5. Learn the Best Routes for Driving in Your City

Not everyone wants to take the scenic route. Most riders want to get to where they need to be as fast as possible. Learning the back roads is positive for you and your rider when the freeways are full of rush hour traffic. Knowing where the out-of-the-way places are is also helpful. Learning the timing of the traffic lights is a great asset, as you will spend less time at red lights and arrive sooner at your rider’s destination.

Uber is changing how the world of getting from point A to point B works. For driver partners, this is an opportunity to go all in, or just work the scene part-time. For riders, an Uber experience is usually cheaper, quicker, and more discrete.