The Guinness BBQ Challenge is back


Last year, we teamed up with Guinness to create a summer barbecue recipe using their new Blonde American Lager, and it must have been a success, because we were invited to participate again this year, albeit with a different beer as inspiration.

Guinness Nitro IPA is everything you’d want from an English-style IPA balanced with everything you’d expect from Guinness. Using a groundbreaking nitrogenation device that creates the same surge and settle effect of draft beer in a can, this India Pale Ale is comprised of a complex blend of hops and roasted barley with citrus accents. It’s smooth, creamy and rich with a pleasant bitter finish.

After making a classic burger last time out, we decided to shake things up with another simple but tasty dish that’s a little lighter on the stomach and pairs well with the citrus notes of Nitro IPA: tacos. Though fish or chicken probably would have been a better choice of protein, we opted for steak instead, marinating the meat in fajita seasoning and chili powder for about six hours before throwing it onto the grill. The steak was topped with white queso and pico de gallo in a flour tortilla and accompanied by a side of Mexican rice and a glass (or two) of Guinness Nitro IPA, naturally.

For more about Guinness Nitro IPA, visit their official website. Also, be sure to follow Guinness on Twitter and Instagram at @GuinnessUS and use #GuinnessBBQChallenge to show off your own food pairings.